A huge Shout Out to our Founder, Editor and Publisher Christopher Ma

Here it is I know you all see me as this or that well I am here to tell you I was not born with a silver or gold spoon in my mouth.

I have suffered 1000 deaths in my life screamed at god for 5 years every day asking for death to end my suffering.

So do not think my life has been blessed with riches I fought for every moment of life and everything else I have.

I was a foster child raised in Canada.

first 4 years (4) homes, next 6 years (1) home next 5 years (12) homes I lived on the streets from 15 to 18 thats 17 foster homes in 15 years

My education was attained by hard work and shitty jobs with ass holes for bosses so I know suffering and hardship.

This is where my compassion for humanity comes from and my love for you.

the 5 years I mentioned I lost the love of my life in a car accident darkest 5 years of my life.

If I can get up every day and make a difference in the lives of others SO CAN YOU no excuse.

Life is not fair people are out to cheat you hurt you but I have to believe in a better world or just curl up and die.

My family is my friends and my wife and daughter.

So this white western privilege is just bullshit I am white and western but have suffered more than most humans can only dream of.

But I’m still here trying every day to make this world a better place for all and I am always humbled by the people’s lives I touch.

I have cried 100 lifetimes in just this one life what saved me and my soul simply MY DAUGHTER saved me.

She is my gift from the heavens or stars however you see it.

So for her and all the other kids in this world, I fight every day and yes in some degree I live in a lonely dark world you never heal from great suffering.

You only learn to hide it and by changing others lives It help change my life.

Go volunteer go help others this will change your life.

As always humbly I am honored by your friendships.

Much love to all

Christohpher Ma


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