Chemical or Biological Agents Deliberately Sprayed for unknown Purposes Undisclosed to Public


When Chris MA asked me to write an article about the subject of “chemtrails,” I felt honored yet intimidated, for he wrote a very in depth article on all the many aspects of the subject.
He, and many of our close friends consider me somewhat of an “expert” on the subject. If you are looking for hard-hitting facts on the subject,
Chris’s article is the one to go to. I will not rehash and re-submit the same material; I will take you, the reader, on a brief journey on the subject from a fresh and personal perspective, which will hopefully beg you to use your brain on the matter.


Why Me?


Why not? Anyone who takes the time to research any subject can write whatever they want, right or wrong.
My journey started a few years ago after the June 1, 2011, rare tornado that hit the state of Massachusetts. I saw it with my own eyes and recorded footage on my “dumb” phone as it passed in front of me on the interstate.
One day while looking up You Tube footage on the tornado, I saw a video in the results on chemtrails. I never heard the term before but decided to watch it. What I learned had peaked my interest.
I started looking up everything I could on the subject, and eventually watched “What in the World Are They Spraying.”
This documentary put many of the pieces together for me that I started to learn. It was factual and gave a lot of circumstantial evidence about what is going on around us in the environment, which could lead the curious mind with no other explanation except that geoengineering programs are already being played out, at least on a test basis.
I have a Master’s in English. I can talk to you for hours about what I learned, but my expert “credentials” are not in soil and/or water analysis or environmental studies.
The people in the video, however, are experts and not crackpot tinfoil wearing nut jobs that are one marble away from being certifiable in a straight jacket.
Listen to them. Hear what they have to say. If your hang up is one of the two ideas of how “our government wouldn’t do anything to harm us,” or “our government wouldn’t lie to us,” then let me take care of those things right away so that you can listen to the rest of this with an open mind.


Monsanto Madness


Ever hear of Roundup?
GMO? Monsanto?
BT Corn?
If so, you will know that Roundup is a weed killer that has been on the market for about four decades now.
Monsanto is a chemical company that brought us other safe products like Agent Orange.
Many Vietnam vets that were exposed to it now have diabetes in their old age.
Monsanto has been around for about one hundred years.
They are a chemical company.
BT corn, which is a GMO corn grown in the U.S., accounts for roughly ninety percent of corn sold on the market today.
It is corn that is used in the majority of “food” sold on the shelves in grocery stores around the country. It is in cat food, dog food, chicken, pig, and cattle feed, and used in bird seed as well.
To Monsanto and other biotech companies, this results in huge profits. To the consumer, it represents a loss of health and longevity of life.


The problem, first of all, is that BT corn is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a harmful pesticide and not a food.
That’s right. Those corn chips you bought at the vending machine at work are a pesticide.
The Corn Pops you had for breakfast is poison. Get it yet? What is this allowed to go on?
Because of Monsanto, along with other major corporations, own the United States government.
Moreover, they ARE the government. Many key players in the EPA, FDA, USDA, a former Secretary of State, and even the Supreme Court are former Monsanto employees, who came into power right around the time when Monsanto was making their initial push into the food market.
These elected officials and departments, who have sworn an oath to serve and protect the people that voted them into office, are serving and protecting their masters, Monsanto. It is almost every day that I read about a new study that has proven some harmful effect of Roundup and GMOs on lab animals. Over sixty countries have either banned or limited the use of and sale of GMO “food.”


What does this have to do with anything, especially chemtrails?
Our government has been avoiding, despite increasing public pressure, the labeling of GMO “foods,” and continues to allow the sale and distribution of Roundup and GMO products.
They lie to the general public when they side with Monsanto and claim no ill effects from these toxins. In doing so, they are purposely harming us, those that put them into office.
If they can fight tooth and nail on such a basic subject as the safety of what we ingest for “food,” then why would there be any different kind of model for the subject of “chemtrails” aka geoengineering and weather modification?
Moreover, it has been proven by internal whistleblowers that the media is owned and controlled by the same corporations and government entities, so don’t expect to hear the truth from them on GMOs or chemtrails.
Still think the government wouldn’t lie or harm you? I will not even mention the over hundred years of documented experimentation the government has done on the unsuspecting general public.
Look it up. I will not spoon feed you information, but guide you in the right direction, for doing the research yourself will only help you learn these things.


What I Know


I have been known to spit out a long list of things I know about subjects, as my mind tends to be a graveyard of useless facts that come up out of nowhere at the right time.
I will spare you this for now. I want to speak from personal experience and conversations I have had with others. For starters, where did the word “chemtrail” even come from?
One its first known uses predates anything recently but was found in a little-known United States Air Force manual for pilots way back in 1990, which coincidentally, coincides roughly with the time FBI whistleblower Ted Gunderson (R.I.P.) said aerosol spraying began.
Ted, more than any other person, gave many chilling facts about this covert operation, and put his reputation and FBI record on the line by reporting these facts.
To his closest friends, he was murdered for revealing this information, for a doctor friend that viewed his body shortly after he passed, saw clear evidence of arsenic poisoning on his body.


In the original October 2, 2001 “Space Preservation Act” bill, also called H.R. 2977, which was given to Congress during 107th Congress First Session by now retired Congressman Dennis Kucinich, lists “chemtrails” as a biological weapon. The term was taken out of later versions of the bill. The reasons for this can be speculated on, but the fact that the term was in an official document eleven years after the chemtrails manual is quite telling. Therefore, as you can see, the word did not originate with conspiracy theorists, as lamestream, I mean mainstream media and chemtrail deniers try to lead others to believe, but with our very own government. I will, however, try to refrain from using the word from here on out, and refer instead to geoengineering or weather modification.


I’m in my forties, and anyone who is as old or older than me has no excuse to think that the persistent, white trails left by planes are just a harmless, normal byproduct of jet exhaust.
First of all, no exhaust from any machine, be it from a plane, motorcycle, boat, or car is harmless.
The EPA, the very agency that is supposed to protect the environment, has strict emissions standards for cars, and the exhaust left by them cause many problems in cities such as Denver and Los Angeles that are located in a “soup bowl,” being surrounded by mountains on many sides, which prevent the smog from leaving the area.
These cities have some of the highest instances of respiratory problems reported by medical workers.


Most of the commercial aircraft flying today use high bypass turbofan engines, which are, in theory, supposed to eliminate the existence of contrails.
Any veteran pilot will tell you that most of us have never seen a true contrail in our lifetimes, as they are supposed to be extremely rare and last only seconds, as the right conditions hardly ever exist for them to develop.
How strange it is then, that “contrails” now persist and linger for hours or even days in the skies above us. I can guarantee that these are not the rare contrails referred to by pilots.
I spoke to one such pilot, and he confirmed with me that these new engines should not be producing contrails, but end up leaving trails because of an aluminum fuel additive, which is another strange coincidence, for the famous geoengineering patent known as the Welsbach patent refers to adding aluminum to planes to spray over the skies.
Water, air, and soil samples were taken by regular citizens and experts alike confirm the presence of large quantities of aluminum, far exceeding the safe amount allowed by these government agencies.
One such place, high in the mountains of Mt. Shasta, snow samples revealed off the chart quantities of aluminum, along with other chemicals that are consistent with geoengineering patents.
Where did these chemicals come from, especially high up in the pristine region of Mt. Shasta?
It does not take an environmental expert to come to any sensible explanation other than the obvious.
I spoke to another person recently who was personally responsible for creating the computer program for the weather modification portion of Nexrad radar.
You did not read this wrong. I said it-radar weather modification system.
He has a math and physics background and as contracted work is these days, he said his work was compartmentalized.
As many of us have suspected, Nexrad uses electromagnetic frequencies, like mini-HAARPs, to manipulate the weather, which is a separate subject, but ties into what is being discussed now.
At one point, this mathematician tried to get a bigger picture idea of how this all worked, and he was told that in order for the frequencies to work properly, something had to be sprayed into the atmosphere.
He was never told what that was, but many times I have personally seen the ripple effects of frequencies added to the lingering trails in the sky, which goes along with what he was told.


What to Do


The bottom line is that those in the know will always deny anything is currently happening with geoengineering. It is the modus operandi of such people and organizations.
Their pat responses are that it is just “proposed.” As more and more people question the skies by just looking up, the more the media will be forced to report on it, which we are seeing is the case. Will someone in charge ever come out and say, “You were right.
Here are documents showing this has been going on for some time now. We are sorry we did not tell you this before?”
Do not hold your breath. However, my hope is that more people that are in the know will be courageous enough to come forth, even if it is as an anonymous informant, to shed more light on the unraveling subject of “chemtrails.”
If you are a pilot, a chemist, an ABC alphabet soup government agency official, someone in the military, or anyone with any information about the ongoing weather modification geoengineering programs, please do humanity and Mother Earth a favor and come forward with any information you have, for these programs, along with other forms of madness, are destroying this planet.
At the current rate, we are going, we as a human race may not make it for more than two generations. It is that serious. Geoengineering is just one cog in the wheel of global destruction.
If you have any shred of decency in you, please come forward, for this must be stopped.
There have been some that have come forward, but we need more. We need groups and hundreds of people together to stop being afraid of losing their jobs and stand up to those that are bullying you and doing this, for they are but a few. Together, we represent the many, and with your help, the few will be stopped.


By Mike Williams



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