China’s Bitumen Pipeline in Canada’s Pacific Mountain Range Does it have Justin Trudeau’s Support

China’s Bitumen Pipeline in Canada’s Pacific Mountain Range Does it have Justin Trudeau’s Support

Pretending to build the pipeline for gas so China can build it for bitumen without Enbridge – The pipeline route is cleared and ready, the “Man Camps” are ready to occupy with the kitchen facilities, the pipe and materials laydown areas are cleared and ready, yet there is not a single LNG sales contract. So in an effort to discover “Follow the Money” we have this to report. the pictures tell the story – Millions are being spent – Who is footing this bill when no one is buying gas?

The news release from May 2012 (copied below) details China’s participation with Shell in this construction. Chevron has not committed any moneys to move ahead with this project and Apache has pulled out. Pacific Trails is just a name, not a company (Pacific Trails Pipeline). TransCanada does not list this project anywhere on their published materials. Only Shell with China (Petro China), Korea and Mitsubishi are engaged. It is all LNG Canada.

The BC Government just signed a deal allowing China to import Temporary workers to “Participate” in the LNG projects.

The Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation just uncovered a document the “Elected Indian Act Band Reserve Village Government” is signing. It details how the company can sell the pipeline to an “Oil” company after five years.

It will likely take five years to complete the wharf, oil tank farm at Bish Cove (Douglas Channel/Kitimat), and all the pipeline connections (including “skirting” Nimbus Mountain).

The “Enbridge” pipeline is now ready to complete except it will not be built by or be called Enbridge. China paid Enbridge for all the “Enbridge Distraction” and now they will build the pipeline pretending to be LNG when this has always been the plan – they call this in the gambling world, a “Shell” game.

News Release From May 2012:

Global energy firms announce LNG Canada

15 May 2012

Global energy firms announce LNG Canada, consultation begins with First Nations and local communities

Shell Canada Limited, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), Mitsubishi Corporation, and PetroChina Company Limited today announced they are jointly developing a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility near Kitimat, British Columbia. The LNG Canada project ( brings together the four companies’ extensive development experience, technical depth, financial strength and access to markets required to be the leading LNG developer in Canada. LNG Canada would connect the abundant supply of Canadian natural gas to growing markets around the world. This also begins the formal consultation process with First Nations and local community residents regarding the project.

Shell holds a 40-percent working interest, with KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina each holding a 20-percent working interest. “Our combined expertise, and our focus on technological innovation in delivering safe and environmentally sound LNG projects around the globe, ensures that our LNG Canada project would be well-suited to deliver long-term value for British Columbia and increase access to new export markets for Canada,” says Jose-Alberto Lima, Shell’s Vice President LNG Americas, Shell Energy Resources Company.

The proposed LNG Canada project would include the design, construction and operation of a gas liquefaction plant, and facilities for the storage and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG), including marine off-loading facilities and shipping. LNG Canada would create significant economic benefit for the province, First Nations, local communities and the region. Such a project can create thousands of jobs during construction and hundreds of full-time, permanent jobs during operations.

Such a significant energy project can also bring indirect economic development opportunities to the region.

A decision to move this project into development would be taken after conducting necessary engineering, environmental and stakeholder engagement work with start up around the end of the decade, pending regulatory approvals and investment decisions.

“As the world’s largest operator of LNG import terminals, we recognize the potential value of the LNG Canada project for our company and for British Columbia, and look forward to conducting business in B.C. with respect for all local residents and their traditions,” said Mr. Young Sik Kwon, Vice President of Korea Gas Corporation.

LNG Canada will initially consist of two LNG processing units referred to as “trains”, each with the capacity to produce six million tonnes of LNG annually, with an option to expand the project in the future.

“We have a history of working with our joint-venture partners, as well as conducting business in Canada,” said Junichi Iseda, Senior Vice President, Mitsubishi Corporation. “We look forward to continuing to invest in Canada through this project, creating economic growth and new, important trade links between our two nations.”

The demand for natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel, remains high in Asia and other markets. LNG Canada would deliver a project that offers a new source of LNG to global markets, while providing benefits to Canada, British Columbia and its coastal region.

“This project will contribute to a further strengthening of trade relationships between China and Canada and will help China use clean burning natural gas to fuel its economic growth,” said Bo Qiliang, Vice President, PetroChina Company Limited.

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