Gastown Jacket: The Most Versatile Jacket You’ll Ever Own. Guaranteed for a LIFETIME. Kickstarter

Gastown Jacket: The Most Versatile Jacket You’ll Ever Own. Guaranteed for a LIFETIME. Kickstarter

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About this project


Inspired by the West Coast lifestyle, we designed a versatile performance jacket for the modern man. Athletes, yogis, runners, and men who live a generally active lifestyle all told us they did not want to sacrifice style for performance but were constantly having to choose between the two. We listened. Our premium lightweight Gastown Jacket can take you on a hike, to the office, to the gym and around the city.

The Gastown Jacket is:

1. A premium quality, versatile jacket that blocks water and wind, and is ultra lightweight. Wear it from the boardroom to the coffee shop, to the top of the mountain and back again.

2. Guaranteed for a LIFETIME. A warranty guaranteeing the Gastown Jacket for the lifetime of the garment. Yes, even the zipper is covered.

3. Ethically Made in Vancouver, Canada. Our production house is just down the road from our office. Our workers are paid fairly, and work in a clean and safe environment.

4. Offered at Wholesale Pricing. Other premium performance jackets cost between $300-$1000, are made overseas, and have no guarantee or warranty. Our Gastown Jacket is made in Vancouver, Canada and has a lifetime warranty. By backing our project you are getting your Gastown Jacket for half the retail price.




 This is the last jacket you will ever need. Transition seamlessly from work to play. 


 To keep you comfortable and on the move, we have made the Gastown Jacket to be the ultimate bomber jacket, blending performance with classic style.

WATERPROOF: Because the weather man is never right. The Gastown Jacket’s core has a waterproof membrane to stop rain in its tracks. It is sandwiched between the stylish outer layer, and the inside mesh liner which is super comfy against your skin.

 DWR + 4-WAY STRETCH: Durable Water Repellent finish makes water roll right off the Gastown Jacket’s sleeves. Light weight 4-Way Stretch material offers extra comfort and movement without being boxy or unflattering.

WINDPROOF: Optimal wind protection with minimal weight. By focusing wind and water protection through the core we deliver a jacket with protection, where your body needs it the most.

 MESH LINING: The Gastown Jacket’s core is lined with mesh so there is no sticky membrane against your skin. Look classy, stay comfy.

ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT: 3 Layers of fabric sound like a lot? Well it doesn’t feel it. Yeah, it blocks wind and rain but it’s also super light weight and easy to pack when travelling or tucked into your gym bag.

CHAFE RESISTANT STITCHING: Flat-lock stitching is what top performance brands use to make technical running/yoga/sports gear. It’s also what we use to construct the Gastown Jacket. The result is a rub and chafe resistant jacket whether you’re on a hike or making a coffee run.

2X INSIDE WATERPROOF POCKETS: The inner pouches are are perfect for storing your phone and other items you want to keep close and out of the rain.

 TWO ZIPPERED FRONT POCKETS: YKK Zippers and not one, but TWO layers of waterproofing keep everything in your pockets safe and dry. Never lose your phone, keys or wallet to gravity – or a rain storm again.

MADE IN CANADA: The Gastown Jacket is ethically made in Vancouver, Canada. We work with several top factories which are located in our backyard. We are there, personally, every step of the way.


To make the most versatile jacket possible we decided to blend a waterproof and windproof core with lighter weight sleeves that have 4-way stretch and DWR treatment.

The Core:
The body of the Gastown Jacket has three layers: the Outer Shell, The Inner Mesh Lining, and the Performance Dintex Membrane in the sandwiched in the middle . The Performance Membrane provides an impenetrable layer to prevent water and wind coming in, while keeping the highest level of breathability.  The Inner Mesh Lining makes the Gastown Jacket comfortable to wear even against bare skin.

The Sleeves:
To make a truly versatile jacket we made the sleeves with a performance fabric that will repell water and move with your body, but not look boxy like a traditional waterproof jacket. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish is your favourite rain jacket’s first line of defense against precipitation, and prevents water from saturating the jacket’s exterior by making the fabric hydrophobic.

DWRs work by increasing the “contact angle” of the water droplet on your Gastown Jacket. A high contact angle creates a microscopically spiked surface, suspending the water on the outer fringe of the fabric in a round shape. The rounder the droplet, the easier it rolls off the fabric.




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1. The conscious decision to improve or surpass ones goals; to dig deep and push beyond your comfort zone.

2. The practice of inciting socially responsible business decisions that disrupt the status quo and impact change.

3. The commitment to create and produce hi-tech, premium quality activewear, and never settle for anything less.

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