A giant inflatable Trump chicken is currently glaring at the White House

Weird  This afternoon
Apparently, this chicken crossed the road to send a message to the president.

There is a golden Trump chicken facing the White House rn and it’s magnificent

New angle: inflatable Trump chicken near the White House, hot news story of the afternoon

This magnificent Trump Chicken brought to us by Taran Singh Brar, who hopes to organize a “chicken march” someday.

What’s the message here? Trump is a chicken? Trump shouldn’t play chicken with our lives? I’m confused.

Replying to 

Taran Singh Brar says he bought it for $1300. It’s a visual protest. “Trump is too chicken to release his tax returns, to stand up to Putin

That inflatable Trump chicken was also at the April protest demanding Trump release his tax returns.

I ssaw the Trump Chicken at the Capitol back in April!

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