Is North Korea Preparing for Invasion of South Korea

of South Koria
For the first time since 2014, the North Korean regime has instructed its military forces to move anti-ship cruise missiles onto patrol type ships to prepare for a possible war with the United States and South Korea. American intelligence satellites picked up the movement within the last 24 hours and military officials are speculating that this is a reaction to the new UN sanctions, that were put into effect a few days earlier to stop the cash flow that props up the regime.

This new military movement was complemented by very threatening, but not so scary statements, by communist dictator Kim Jong Un. The regime promised “A thousand fold revenge” and to feed the United States to a pack of hungry wolves. Although we have heard many of these threats before in the past by the crazed little man, our military has reassured the United States that most if not all of the threats made by Pyongyang are empty statements and that Kim Jong Un will turn tail and run back into one of his many palaces.

But, the question is this, with more and more of the regimes hard cash being halted from entering the country, is the regime now a step closer to collapse? The answer is: Yes, the regime is one step closer to collapse. Why? Because the Kim regime relies heavily on money or material bribes in order to sustain itself. Kim Jong Un sits on billions of dollars worth of money and assets, which in fact makes him one of the richest heads of state, and this money helps keep him as the de- facto god of North Korea.

The money that is earned from global investments, slave labor, fraud, and currency counterfeiting is used to shower Kim Jong Un’s top generals and government officials. Thus essentially buying their loyalty and keeping them from attempting a coup or organizing an uprising to dethrone the crazed little communist. Pyongyang, as we all know, is the show case capital and is home to North Korea’s most elite, well connected, and rich citizens. These citizens are seen as the most loyal of the nation and in return for their undying, unwavering loyalty, they are showered with luxury apartments, TV’s, designer clothing, cell phones, money, extra food, and more. This creates a very strong base for Kim Jong Un that helps protect him from uprising and revolution. Top government officials and generals are also showered with things such as cars, which are exclusive to only military officers and government officials, as well as being showered with money, homes, food, and essentially unlimited power, and Kim Jong Un only asks for one thing in return, their loyalty.

With more and more of the regime’s money being stripped from its coffers, the regime will have a hard time buying peoples loyalty and keeping them in line with the regime. Once more and more of generals and government officials are stripped of their luxurious lifestyles, incentives will shift enough so that they will see to try to overthrow the Kim regime. This is why we have seen Kim Jong Un execute many of those who were close to him, including family. The gravy train for the elite in Pyongyang is coming to a grinding halt and Kim Jong Un knows this, which is why he turns to threats of war to draw focus away from palace intrigue and to other things. Although, Kim Jong Un knows that if he throws a punch at the United States and South Korea that he would be punched back ten times harder, which is why he has not invaded yet. This has pushed the regime a step closer towards implosion if a war will not topple the Kim regime, then his own people will.

Military strikes should be the very last option for the west against North Korea because if strikes are conducted, many innocent lives will be lost on both sides. Although, the UN and the United States should most certainly crack down on the Kim regimes money making schemes and should continue to slap on more and more sanctions to completely cripple and isolate the regime. Crippling the regimes money making process helps draw the regime closer to a coup or an uprising, because, it will have a hard time buying its loyalty. The regime, also, cannot be allowed to stand anymore, the nation is not only a threat to the United States but, a threat to the world. Every day, the regime holds thousands in concentration camps, starves people, executes innocent lives, and tortures those who disagree with the regime. When we liberated the Nazi concentration camps, we told ourselves we would never let this happen again, and yet it is happening now. North Korea must be stopped.

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