Jesus wasn’t really crucified he died in combat his real name was Jesus ben Ananais

Emperor Titus hired Greek Writers to make up that story we all know so well ; his favorite line was ” Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s ” because the Jews didn’t like paying Taxes and Titus figured if their ” Messiah told them to pay they would.

But they continued rebelling and that was that ; the Jews burned two Roman Legions to death in the middle of the night surrounding their camp and that is what caused the Emperor to destroy the City of Jerusalem and the Temple and cast all the Jews out as punishment …

People don’t read enough you know ; they get hold of a Bible and act like they are god himself when in fact the ” Creator ” has no books of rules or punishments ; every one of us is Billions of Years Old as every Atom of our being is made up of those Atoms and they just keep going and will for Billions of years to come.

But the question is will YOU as an ENTITY go on too ? I have no answer yet but I am leaning to NO we won’t and that this is all we get as ” Individuals ” its amazing anything exist at all … but to lean on some old book as the Truth and only way is foolish as believing Superman and Mighty Mouse will come to save us to.


Source: Wars of the Jews ~ Flavius Josephus … original copy not altered Church Copy ; it talks of Jesus ben Ananais pretty much as the same character in the New Testament but not as a god but as a rebel who was killed in battle against Rome by a ballista and not crucified at all …

He was scourged , went before the Governor and High Priest and had a little Messiah to him too but the story was rewritten by Titus to make him into a Super hero of the Jews for a reason ; to collect tax and quell the rebellion.

Titus wanted to portray him as a Messiah who had come and gone to stop them from expecting any further Messiah’s … strange and twisted as that may seem ; they do the same in the Media today ; its called FAKE NEWS and in Rome they had Cult Creation down to an Art …

Emperor Caesar was worshiped as a god and even recently Emperor Hirohito was worshiped as a god in Japan … believe in hard work and stay healthy my friends 


Christopher Ma

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