Why do you call a friend “mate” in the UK and Australia? A captain has a mate! *SHIP words: worthSHIP (worship), citizenSHIP, dictatorSHIP, courtSHIP. Birth=Berth. Think about why you “ship” something, even by land. A “currency”/current sea runs between two river BANKS.

The law of the high seas began in Sumeria, was perfected in Rome and continues to this day. Jordan Maxwell has explained to me many times that the way we trade commerce today is modeled after the Templar Knights’ 1000-year-old system.

Notice how regardless of whether you send a product by air, water or land, you “ship it”. That’s why the “doc” signs your “berth” certificate or your “certificate of a manifest.” And you’re kept in the Maternity “Ward”. Why a Ward? No other hospital areas are called wards. Prisons have wards and wardens.

When you get a fine, a ticket, a bill, or get sued, you must sign in all capital letters. When you die, your tombstone by law will have all capital letters to show their employee has died. The entity that is your name in all caps is your maritime admiralty product code. Upper and lower case legally represent you, your body.

The Judge sits on the bench for the bank. Banks are on both sides of a river. A river bank directs the flow of the current/sea the CURRENCY, the cash flow. The current sea is “deposited” from bank to bank down the river (bank).

The United States Corporation came about just after the civil war. The Act of 1871 was passed by Congress creating a separate form of government for DC, essentially turning it into a corporation. It was decided that employees would be called “citizens.” So when you say in court or on paper, that you are a citizen of the United States, you are not a free American, but an employee of US Inc.