Meet Dr C, Dr. C. is a Computerized Scientist designed to answer Questions about Mars

The Coolest Scientist you never heard of unlike Dr. Michio Kaku who many call the Talking Head (not a term of endearment)


Dr. C. is a computerized scientist designed to answer questions about Mars. Dr. C. is in beta form, which means we’re testing him out… and you can help!

Click in the box under Dr. C.’s image and ask your question about
Mars, or even about Dr. C. himself.

  • Dr. C. does not have a spell checker, so please spell correctly.
  • Dr. C. knows a lot about Mars but does not have answers about specific images or data.
  • If Dr. C. is having problems with your question, try making your question simpler, rephrasing it, or just using keywords.
  • If Dr. C. cannot answer your question, don’t worry! We will add unique questions to Dr. C.’s database in the future, making him better… thanks to you!

Dr. C. is based on a real Mars scientist,
Dr. Phil Christensen.

Learn more about him

What is a Planetary Geologist?
Much of my work involves being the Principal Investigator (PI) of Mars projects, such as the Thermal Emission Imaging Systems (THEMIS) for the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission. I run these projects, manage research groups and write proposals. I try to do some research myself and I teach. I am a professor at Arizona State University (ASU). I really enjoy it. I teach a freshman class, upper division and graduate courses on the planet Mar

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