Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experience Of an American Native Indian, Heyoka.

I come from a lot of trauma as well. A very cruel and mean father, alcoholic, wife beater, I witnessed so much violence and felt it from a young age.
Then society, spirit put me on a path of seeing and experiencing so much ugliness outside the family as well. I’ve been gang beat so many times for being mixed blood in a open racist society where i witnessed death, rape, mutilation, etc.
There were no cops to help, they were part of the gang of white supremacists that killed people.
Then the hate from the give and take between the “races” caused violence from the other side too, for being too white. If not for spirit, or something bigger than me or them, I should not be here.
Came close to being raped by Natives once and thank god someone pulled up and caused them to disperse. But i have done actual vigilante stuff to perpetrators who freely bought and sold young boys and the law did nothing as long as it was native boys.
More than one of my friends had been caught in. I never killed any of them, i could have and wanted to.
And so much more… as time passes,
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There came up on me another passing person, he was slowly catching up to me on my journey.
He was thinking/talking in amazement at the beauty we were going thru. Then, his voice i found very annoying, like a hippy accent.
I thought to myself, oh God do I really have to listen to this annoying fool on this journey.
No more than a split second I had stopped, the tunnel went away and i felt a large, presence zoom in on me.
This being so very large and his stare was beyond permeating. His size was that of a typical large man holding a petri dish, where a whole galaxy would fit in the dish.
I instantly knew and understood that there were more like
him out in the universe tending to life, creating life, destroying life if needed.
I cannot give an exact number of these entities, but I would say nine. I also understood that they each had unique personalities.
But I cannot go into to detail with all I understood, as words cannot describe it… understand that some things
are beyond language and can only be understood in a language that is not spoken.
But, I knew instantly that I had “sinned” I had judged this guy by something so meaningless as his voice, yet his soul was pure…
I messed up.
Now as soon as he directed his stare I knew he had a different destiny than going straight to the planet of life and light that i had been on.
Then somehow, another sensed my presence there in the line
of divine judgement.
I understood that the one who locked on me first was very much like a prosecutor in a courtroom… but somehow the other that showed up was defender.
The prosecutor had stated that i was not to go to the place of light and life, i was to return to Earth to learn yet, not too judge or emit hate or dislike over such petty things as a voice.
The defender then stated that it was a small transgression that could be overlooked as I was mostly sinless and pure, forgiveness was his case.
They argued, i could not hear them… they had come to a stalemate.
Then a much smaller entity showed to take the case to higher beings, as I knew that.
God him/herself was beyond any of this place and even the presence would destroy it.
So the small entity comes back, he has a decision made… I am innocent and am going thru yet to the planet of life and light, I can progress.
The prosecutor then looks at me and says, but it is written here that he is to go back, he is mine.
The other says, it may be written but an innocent cannot go back there.
The prosecutor then smiles and laughs, stating… that is why, he isn’t even supposed to be here yet.
It was like a rubber band snapping and I was sent back to my body, as my consciousness came back into my body,
I literally bounced off the bed my corpse had stayed in, waking to a sobbing mother who had just lost her son.
It is horror knowing I am written in the book of the dead, as I call it for understanding… I wish i never knew
The only religion I knew when this happened was being raised strict Roman Catholic by my parents, my father had it beat into him in catholic boarding school.
I knew nothing of Native ways when this happened.
So it was shocking when a Native man appeared. I did realize he was an ancestor tho.
When the Prosecutor was talking about me being sent back, it was to be “wiped” and start anew, as he said I belong to him, I am one of his.
Also embellish more on the galaxy I was shown that accomplished life, the glow was more like that pure light of the next, but ingrained into reality moreso… a upgraded life force… uhhh, trying to explain properly is hard.
And, the most important part is that I understood we are here now are at that point of enhancement or destruction.
This experience is that of leaving one’s own body and feeling the true essence of who we really are, separate from the physical body. The great mystery of life is set free.

Upon leaving the body, we become pure consciousness in an unbridled and uninhibited way. We feel as though there is no weight or substance to that which we are, yet we know we exist in this new form.

I am still me. I am completely aware, and certainly more aware than ever. I still exist but with more alertness and clarity than can ever be imagined.

I can see far beyond what is in front of me, yet seeing is also a multi-sensory sensation. I also hear with clarity, sounds so beautiful I feel them through my entire being.

In fact, every sensation is beyond comprehension and certainly too much for a physical brain and body to absorb. It’s only upon release from the body that the full harmony of multisensory capabilities can truly be felt.

Communication is telepathic and instantaneous. The minute I ask a question in my mind, the answer is superimposed onto the question.

I know the answer, the instant I ask it. I can ask anything I wish to know; all knowledge is there about the past and the future I have yet to experience.

We are keeping the identity of the write a secret for reprisals in their community WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THEM for having the courage to share their story with us here at Sedation News

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