Nemesis, Planet X, Blue Kachina, Nibiru,The Planet of the Crossing, The Destroyer

The dark star is called “Nemesis” or “Planet X.” The blue planet is called the “Blue Kachina.” The planet that is larger than Earth that is orbiting the dark star is called “Nibiru.” It is also known as “The Planet of the Crossing” and the “Destroyer.

A prominent investment banker and Wall Street broker says Nibiru is real, and that he has collected enough evidence to prove that the world’s wealthy elite, that so called one-percent, are aware of the threat and actively taking steps to Survive Nibiru’s forecast disastrous effects on Planet Earth.

Speaking under conditions of anonymity, he has broken a sacred vow of silence to leak information to the public domain. For the sake of the article, we will identify him only as “Mr. Black.” With over forty years in the industry, Mr. Black has worked for prestigious investment firms like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Merrill Lynch. His track record is impressive; his clients have averaged a thirty-three per cent return on their investments.

Mr. Black says he learned about Nibiru only a few years ago, when several wealthy clients, including one billionaire, began liquidating their assets.

“Until a few years ago, I had never heard the word Nibiru or Planet X. It was completely unknown to me,” said Mr. Black. “Knowledge of it came to me after a handful of my best and most prosperous clients suddenly started unloading their portfolios. Something had to be happening, and I know it didn’t pertain to the market or I would have had insight into that.”

His grew suspicious that something was amiss, he said, when an early morning a telephone call startled him awake. It was 3:am, and he was still asleep, in bed with his wife, Mrs. Black.

“I was shocked to receive such an early telephone call,” said Mr. Black. “One of my best clients, a multi-millionaire with strong ties to the gold and Forex market, demanded I immediately unload his portfolio.

He sound like he was in frenzy, a total state of panic. The current market trend was to buy, not to sell. I told him I’d do it when the market opened, but also asked his reason. I got a very strange answer.”

Mr. Black received a grim, nebulous reply: “I cannot talk about it.”

A few days later, another frenzied client requested a sell off. Mr. Black became convinced something was very wrong. “I feared a market collapse, or something, but there was no evidence leading in that direction. I called friends and associates at other firms and asked if they experienced a similar trend with their clients.

To my surprise, some admitted that their clients were selling off very, very valuable portfolios. But like me, they were in the dark, clueless, as to why. I’ve made a lot of money for myself and my clients. There had to be a reason this was going on.”

He eventually learned the truth from an extremely wealthy client with ties to the information technology industry. According to Mr. Black, the government had notified the country’s richest individuals, warning them about a catastrophic event involving a ‘rogue star system’ passing dangerously close to our inner solar system.

Experts predict this will cause global destruction bordering on an extinction level event.

Those given foreknowledge of the event were sworn to secrecy; in addition, they forfeit thirty-three per cent of their net worth to the government, which is using the money for its own last minute Nibiru preparation.

“The government can spend only so much of its own money without arousing suspicion,” Mr. Black said. “And they’ve already spent so much that many eyebrows have been raised.

So they are relying on independent “investors” and wealthy Forex partners to finalize Nibiru preparation efforts.

This particular client, and I can’t speak for others, was given a map. The map highlighted alleged safe zones for constructing underground shelters to survive.”

Mr. Black’s information has been substantiated by other Nibiru researchers. Some years ago, John Moore released a similar map obtained via a high-ranking naval intelligence officer. Given all the available evidence, Mr. Black now believes Nibiru is real and is constructing a shelter for his family in an undisclosed part of the country.

The government, despite is best attempts, has failed in keeping Nibiru a secret. For decades, NASA spokespeople like David Morrison have used spurious logic and flimsy evidence to argue against Nibiru’s existence. “If it was there, we would see it,” they say. However, keen observers, researchers, and whistleblowers have provided enough evidence and statistical data proving that the dark star is no myth.

Now, that Wall Street wizard, anonymously called “Mr. Black” for his own protection, provides additional information on the dark star and its orbiting companion planets. What follows is a partial text excerpt from a telephone interview with Mr. Black.

SomeonesBones: Mr. Black, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me again. I’m sure many people will be interested in what you have to say. Before we begin, just so our readers understand, your real name is not Mr. Black. Is that correct?”

Mr. Black: This is correct. My real name is not Mr. Black.

SB: Thank you for clarifying that, Mr. Black. You’re speaking to us with risk to your own safety. Are you concerned about your safety at this time?

Mr. Black: What kind of ridiculous question is that? Of course I’m concerned. I have a life and family to think about. I should hang up right now just because you asked such a silly question.

SB: Apologies, Mr. Black. I’m merely trying to establish that whistle-blowers are putting themselves and their families in potential jeopardy by spilling the beans about Nibiru. No offense Intended. For the people who haven’t read the previous piece we did on you, can you give us a little bit about your background and credentials.

Mr. Black: Certainly. I earned my degree at Harvard Business School. I’d prefer not to give dates. Shortly after graduating, I began working in the financial industry. I’ve worked for several of the world’s top financial firms and have done very well for myself and my clients.

SB: Those companies include names like Charles Schwab and Fidelity, as well as other large brokerage firms?

Mr. Black: That is correct. My client base included some very wealthy individuals, including a few politicians I will not name…do you hear that?”

SB: Hear what?

Mr. Black: Click click click….Click click click. There is a clicking sound on the phone. Is anyone else listening in on this conversation?

SB: I don’t hear anything. And no one else is listening. I’m speaking to you from a disposable cell phone.

Mr. Black: Well, I hear it. A intermittent clicking sound.

SB: Could it be your phone?

Mr. Black: Certainly not. Do you think I’m irresponsible. I, too, am using a disposable cell…okay the clicking has stopped.”

SB: Let’s assume it was an anomaly. Back to the matter at hand: Can you tell us when you first learned about Nibiru?

Mr. Black: Who is US? I thought you said no one else is listening in on our conversation?

SB: I meant the readers. The people who will see this in print. I assure you I take the privacy of my sources very seriously.

Mr. Black: Very well. Some time ago, I began noticing a trend in how clients handled their assets. One of my top earners, for no apparent reason, telephoned me one night. His voice was shaky and he sounded like he was panicking. He demanded I immediately sell a valuable portfolio. This seemed very odd because the market trend at the time was to buy, not sell. Although it struck me as odd, it was just one client–and it crossed my mind that maybe he was having a mental breakdown or a midlife crisis and wanted to buy the Prince’s yacht or an fleet of Airbus jetliners. I followed his instructions.

SB: Interesting. And after that?

Mr. Black: Within a short span of time, other well-to-do clients began liquidating their assets. I’m not talking about the average Joe who has invested a small percentage of his life savings into the market. I’m speaking of people with a net worth of tens of millions and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars. There was no logical reason for this, no analysis suggesting clients should have been unloading their portfolios for no apparent reason. It was as if someone had inside information that a major collapse was imminent and they were all jumping ship before it happened. But if that were the case, I would have had some foreknowledge of it. But there as nothing, nada, zilch.  I was losing clients, which meant a potential loss of revenue. I needed an answer. I telephoned some friends at other firms to see if they had experienced a similar trend. And to my surprise, they had. And like me, they had no clue why their clients were cashing out an..

SB: Startling. What happened then?

Mr. Black: Will you let me finish. I was talking. As it turned out, my wealthiest client followed suit, arrived at my office early one morning to discuss liquidating all his portfolio and assets. I looked at him aghast. I begged, I pleaded. I told him that we had a successful business relationship for ten yeas and that I deserved to know what was happening. He had a glum look of despair on his face. He swore me to an oath of secrecy and told me the secret I now know to be true–that Nibiru is real and heading toward our inner solar system.  He admitted that he and others sold off their fortunes and invested in survival bunkers and complexes, where they hope to survive whatever happens when Nibiru gets here. He showed me a map, allegedly provided by the government, highlighting the safest places in the country to survive the event. Based on all this, I began doing my own research and concluded it’s true.

SB: This opens up more questions. Why would the government tell anyone anything? From what we know, the government has engaged in a massive campaign of secrecy when it comes to discussion about Nibiru.

Mr. Black: The reason is this: The government reached out to these wealthy souls and for their help, financially. The government has already poured billions of dollars into its own Nibiru preparation, but it needs more, and printing ream after ream of un-backed currency was becoming too obvious. So in exchange for a portion of an individual’s wealth, the government provided them with full disclosure about Nibiru and gave advice on how to survive it as best possible.

SB: By most accounts, Nibiru is allegedly a brown dwarf star with seven planets in its orbit, some as small as the moon, and at least one massive body several times the Earth’s mass. This is said to intersect with our solar system every 3600 years or so and cause massive destruction to our planet. Horrible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis, all kinds of turmoil. Can people really expect to survive this type of devastation simply by living in an underground shelter?

Mr. Black: I’ll take my chances in a titanium encased bunker rather than stay above ground. I guess others feel the sa…there it is again?

SB: What?

Mr. Black: That damn clicking noise. How can you not hear it?

SB: I’m sorry.  I don’t hear it. If we can work around it, can you tell me how this knowledge has changed your life?

Mr. Black: Drastically. Wealth became important only for the sake of survival. I have friends and family like anyone else, and I wanted them to at least be aware of this apocalyptic event. I could not keep it secret.  I left the industry. Like my clients, I have sold off much of my worth and am also having a shelter built to house my family. Will it work? I have no idea. Will it be completed before Nibiru gets here, I don’t know. I hope so. It’s the best option I have. The clicking stopped again. This is very strange.

SB: I have only a few more questions right now. What advice would you give to others who have the money and means?

Mr. Black: Cash will be worthless post-Nibiru. There is point hoarding it. If you have the money, now is the time to use it to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

SB: What about stockpiling other hard currency, like gold?

Mr. Black: I’ve heard of people doing this but I don’t see the point. No one will care about gold after Nibiru ravages the planet. I’ve read a lot of books about Nibiru, and at least one of them stated that Nibiru is inhabited by a race of aliens who will confiscate our gold, kill all men, and enslave women. I don’t but into that theory, of course. Also, I’m no chemist, but I understand that gold has a very low carbolic point and might even melt when Nibiru passes. Personally, I’d get rid of all my gold and buy chickens instead. Chickens will be much more valuable than gold.

SB: Just one more question: Previously, you mentioned a map of safe zones. Where are these alleged safe zones?

Mr. Black: The map was given to the wealthy by the government. It depicts the safest spots in the country for relocation, mostly around the Ozarks.

SB: Thank you very much for this information. I won’t keep you any longer now. If possible, I might like to speak or write to you again.

Mr. Black: I’ll have to think about. I wish you and yours the best of luck.

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Overwhelming evidence for the 2017 arrival of Planet X/Nibiru Pole Shift Imminent: Dr. Ethan Trowbridge


When I first learned about Planet X, or Nibiru, I was fortunate enough to have discovered David Meade’s Interviews on YouTube. There I heard about his book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. He puts together all of the key evidence and historic information you need to know to be 100% confident of the Truth of Planet X!

His data and sources are the most high-value information on the Internet. It feels like he is actually there! Of course his expertise is research! He has worked at a high level in the Government as well as with several Fortune 1000 Companies in Research. In the first chapter he writes, “The existence of Planet X is beyond any reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty.

In this section we’ll examine proofs of its existence.” He does an incredible job of presenting the evidence!

He writes like he is an attorney presenting this argument to a judge!

He dots his I’s and crosses every T!

He covers a huge range of data and evidence.

The first video I saw with him was Nibiru Will Pass Earth Before November 2017, The Evidence, Investigator David Meade.

You will be amazed at how he arrives at that date!

Now, my response to people who do not believe in the Bible prophecies or the scientific data about the Planet X and Wormwood system: You should read ancient history and study geology, or visit your local natural science museum. Through investigative science, you will learn that major asteroids and comets were responsible for the catastrophic events in the past centuries and millennia.

You’ll find out the North Pole used to be, in all places, located in the middle of the state of Arizona! We live on a cataclysmic planet.

There is no hiding this incoming solar system any longer! It consists of a dark star, smaller than our sun, which hosts seven orbiting bodies, some smaller than our moon and a couple of them larger than our Earth.

The dark star is called “Nemesis” or “Planet X.” The blue planet is called the “Blue Kachina.” The planet that is larger than Earth that is orbiting the dark star is called “Nibiru.” It is also known as “The Planet of the Crossing” and the “Destroyer.

” There is another object – some refer to it as “Helion.”

This system is, of course, not aligned with our solar system’s ecliptic, but is coming to us from an oblique angle and toward our South Pole.

This makes observations difficult, unless you’re flying at a high altitude over South America with an excellent camera. As it intertwines and approaches it, will come from our south and loop all the way to the extreme north, then come back south again as it exits our orbital path.

The evidence to support this is overwhelming.

There are 40 volcanoes erupting at the same time on Earth now. Earthquakes have dramatically increased both in number and intensity. The Elite are frantically building underground “safety” bunkers.

The public is being kept in the dark deliberately to avoid panic. Storm systems are multiplying both in type, intensity and size. Sinkholes and cracks are appearing in the earth’s crust. Heatwaves are getting stronger and are lasting longer. I’m just waiting for the fat lady to sing!


On July 24th, former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge joined the growing numbers of whistle-blowers willing to speak publicly about Nibiru.

According to Dr. Trowbridge, the USGS colluded with NASA and other government agencies to conceal Nibiru’s existence and to blame drastic climate changes on man-made events like over-reliance on fossil fuels and releasing chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere, rather than attribute Earth changes to Nibiru’s proximity to our planet.

Dr. Trowbridge has provided additional information detailing expected meteorological changes associated with Nibiru’s proximity to our inner solar system.

USGS data, Dr. Trowbridge said, indicates clearly that Nibiru will influence atmospheric conditions for the foreseeable future, and our planet will suffer horrific consequences as Nibiru’s orbit brings the dark star and its seven orbiting planets nearer to Earth.

Parts of the Southern Hemisphere will be reshaped by Nibiru’s presence; Antarctica, for example, will be the first geographical area to experience cataclysmic changes undeniably related to Nibiru’s passage.

“The USGS has know for years that Antarctica will be ravaged by Nibiru’s approach,” Dr. Trowbridge said.

“This is because Nibiru is an an elongated, elliptical orbit relative to our Southern Hemisphere.

So people living in this part of the world will see Nibiru first, and they shall be the first to experience whatever Nibiru brings with it. And it’s not bringing anything good.

The Ronnie Ice Shelf will likely break off the continent and drift into the Waddell Sea.

This will cause enormous ice bergs to drift toward New Zealand. As the ice reaches warmer waters, it will rapidly melt causing a significant rise in sea levels.”

And that is not the worst.

The Ross Ice Shelf, the world’s largest at 487,000 square kilometers, roughly the size of France, may also separate from the continent, causing mountainous clusters of ice to float south toward New Zealand and Australia.

Polar storms, unlike any the world has seen, will ravage the continent in conjunction with a marked increase in seismic and volcanic activity.

Mount Siple, one of Antarctica’s largest active volcanoes, is certain to erupt, sending a plume of deadly ash into the atmosphere, says Dr. Trowbridge.

“This will be the start of a pole shift,” Dr. Trowbridge said.

“We’re looking at the real possibility of magnitude 8-10 earthquakes rippling across the continent.

Add to that multiple super eruptions.

This will shake Antarctica to its very foundation. And this is just the beginning–what happens in Antarctica is merely a precursor for what will happen across the entire globe.

The devastation will start there, then rapidly spread.” Nibiru, it seems, will outright destroy parts of the world and render parts of it uninhabitable.

Although Dr. Trowbridge believes the Southern Hemisphere will bear the brunt of Nibiru’s wrath, he urges people in the northern parts of the world to prepare for the worst.

When asked how Nibiru would influence North America, Dr. Trowbridge said, “The geography of North America will be forever changed.

Rising sea levels and undersea earthquakes will generate tsunamis along the east, west, and the Gulf Coast of the United states.”

These tidal waves, he asserts, will envelop the United States’s coastal cities, obliterating them.

Places Like New York City, Miami, San Francisco, and many more will be snuffed out of existence.

Dr. Trowbridge’s information suggests that new coastlines will exist approximately one hundred miles inland from their current locations.

Interestingly, this data matches warnings issued by other Nibiru whistle-blowers and researchers.

Renegade astronomer Paul Cox and Nibiru enthusiast John Moore have released maps depicting North America’s post-Nibiru coastlines.

Despite Nibiru’s potential horrors, Dr. Trowbridge remains optimistic.

“I do not believe this will be the end of mankind, as we know it. Humans have a tenacious ability to avoid their own extinction. Our lives, those who survive this, will be changed.

We’ve survived this before.

We will survive it again.”

“The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains;and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb” – Revelation 6:14

Russia is just finishing 5,000 shelters in Moscow. They’re much more open (in this regard anyway) on this topic than other governments.

I personally estimate the US probably has over 150 Deep Underground Military Bases.

A huge military underground city exists underneath the Denver Airport.

Russia has some that can accommodate over 100,000 people (at the base of mountains). These are entire underground cities that have been under construction since the 1980s.

The far greater electromagnetic fields of Planet X will cause great earthquakes (greater than the highest level of 9.5 known to date), volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and a shift of the physical poles.

Now it is public knowledge that government agencies are on a need-to-know classification (intra-agency), and that they never publish information in advance that could cause an economic or other disruption.

Enough said.

However, if you do any research at all you will run into different levels of disinformation.

Some of this is from uneducated members of the public and some of it is very likely on purpose.

You have to use your head when you do research.

Until the discovery of Planet X, astronomers had regarded the writings of the ancient Sumerians about this object as legend.

When Planet X was discovered in 1983, they suddenly learned that the Sumerians were not the primitive people they have been made out to be by “intellectuals” of today.


When Pioneer 10 was sent out to study Planet X, it encountered a mysterious force – dubbed the Pioneer anomaly by baffled NASA scientists.

It was gently pushed against (by the force of the magnetosphere of Planet X) and moved in the opposite direction back toward the sun. Its forward momentum was decelerated.

Pioneer was traveling toward the right of Nibiru at this point. This tells us two things:

(1) that Nibiru’s outer magnetic force is so strong it can affect objects 46.8 AU from Nibiru (Pioneer’s approximate distance at the time;

(2) that Nibiru’s magnetism rotates in a clockwise fashion because that is the only way it could push Pioneer back when the deep space probe was flying to the right of it.

If it rotated anticlockwise and the Pioneer 10 was traveling in the same direction, it would push the probe slightly forward and to the right of its trajectory.

The effect would have been the opposite as the probe would have been seen to accelerate, not decelerate, in its drift.


The real reason for the Hubble Space Telescope was NOT to explore the solar system and the Universe, as some claim from time to time.

The real reason for spending billions of dollars to construct the telescope, place it in orbit and then immediately replace parts on it was for the purpose of viewing inbound Planet X.

A June 6, 2011 interview with a Hubble Insider now published at YouTube on the video below states this fact as to the Hubble’s purpose.

He watched it through the Hubble Telescope and stated that “this thing looked like it was across the street and the Hubble got cut off and they encrypted it and that was the end of any transmissions we had to watch.”


Nibiru (aka Planet X and referred to by the Vatican as Wormwood) has a mass that is 3-5 times the mass of Jupiter. Its composition is cesium, iron oxide, iron, oxygen and ozone, according to the same video by the Hubble Insider, who also stated it has seven planets (moons) orbiting it and innumerable asteroids. Its existence is known by all of the major governments of the world.

They are prepared – are you?

The object is huge and until recently it is a red dwarf star visible only in the infrared spectrum.

The alleged agent claims that the government is monitoring the system and that in 2008 it could be seen in high detail with infrared telescopes.

I say observed through the infrared spectrum until recently, so take a look at the video below from North Carolina.

Its approach is so close it can be seen clearly from the 11:00 position of the sun!

About one minute into the video, just tilt your screen upward for a better view.

This independent video is just one more indication using deductive logic that its close approach is occurring now.

CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI & FEMA Retirees All Bugging Out In Preparation For Something Big

Former newspaper journalist and bestselling conspiracy author Jim Marrs told radio talk show host Dave Hodges in December that some 400-500 top bank executives had left their positions and had gone into seclusion.

Marrs said at the time that the elite had fallback positions from a chaotic society: seed vaults to which only they had access.

“Marrs was clearly alluding to the fact that some very bad events are coming and the global elite are aware of it and are moving to meet the threat,” Hodges wrote on his radio show website.

Hodges went on to say his sources tell him that the same thing is occurring with people who have recently retired from a number of federal agencies including the CIA, DHS, NSA and FEMA.

“This fact is indisputable,” Hodges wrote. “I have firsthand knowledge of four ex-Fed officials and their families who have relocated to safety enclaves when doing so was very disruptive to their respective [families’] lives.” He said that “increasingly,” it appears as though major events are coming — life- and history-changing events that have these folks seeking “to remove themselves from harm’s way.”

Top DHS positions vacant; morale low

Hodges further stated:

When government officials, from the various alphabet soup agencies, retire en masse, it is not necessarily a noteworthy event. However, when the same officials retire en masse and then relocate to form their own survivalist enclaves, then this is something that we should all sit up and take notice of, especially when we are seeing the same behavior on the part of Wall Street executives.

“The Department’s Web site shows 40 percent of positions on the DHS’s leadership list are filled by ‘acting’ officials or are vacant — including the top four slots,” the Post reported.

In a separate story, the Post also reported in August 2013 that a wave of retirements from the federal workforce were taking place — a phenomenon that the paper blamed largely on age (many of those retiring were 60 or older). But the report also said that a number of very skilled workers were leaving federal service — and the more skilled tend to be better paid (and, hence, better able to feather a distant nest).


As for Hodges, he says he has recently been having conversations with a pair of insiders, as well as the relative of another insider, “who tell similar stories of a coming series of apocalyptic events.”

He also wrote that it is “a matter of official agency policy” that some of the current DHS and CIA officials and their families will be given safe haven in various locations in Colorado, in turbulent times (Colorado is home to several vital military bases — one Army and five Air Force bases, all near the vicinity of Colorado Springs; the area is also home to Cheyenne Mountain, home of the North American Aerospace Command, or NORAD, the nation’s early-warning center, and NORTHCOM, or Northern Command, the Army command in charge of homeland security and response).

“Most people in the know are aware of the underground facilities which lie below the Denver International Airport which has an underground connected railway to the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD/Fort Carson/Peterson Air Force Base underground facilities,” Hodges wrote. “The structures are part of the Continuity of Government program developed by the United States government in the early days of the Cold War. However these facilities are increasingly becoming the planned refuge for many of the global elite residing within the United States when all hell breaks loose.”

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