New 12 Gauge Ammo Creates Holes Bigger than Your Fist. [VIDEO]

New 12 Gauge Ammo Creates Holes Bigger than Your Fist

Whats better than buckshot for home defense? A hollow point slug of course.

Oh, you say that doesn’t exist? Well, let me introduce you to OATH Ammunition’s new 12 gauge badass.

That’s right, it’s a brass cased 12 gauge round that fully expands to roughly two and a half inches of destruction.


Using brass casings will pay off for people using magazine fed shotguns such as the Saiga 12 because it will allow for more consistent feeding of ammo.

So, despite Former Vice President Biden’s (moon beam) advice to “fire two blasts in the air”, it seems like the new best way to use a shotgun is to put some 2.5″ holes in the bad guys and call it a day.


Clark Armory recently reviewed the ammo and found that in certain applications the round would certainly perform quite well:

According to their review:

Spectacular? Yes, but more importantly dislodging your target from its position is important because it gives their body a chance to convince them it’s over and to let the fight end. That’s of course if being slammed with the same force as the weight of a full-grown grizzly bear didn’t liquefy their organs first. The OATH Tango in 12 ga is certainly one of the most wicked rounds we’ve ever tested which may lead a court to want to argue that you, the homeowner are the evil one, but I’ll take that chance while remaining alive and knowing that I did my part to ensure no one got hurt who didn’t need to.

Hunters might find this round to be a time saver as I doubt many animals would scamper off after taking one of these. It’s been a long wait for this round, but well worth it in our opinion.

And of course, what would an article about shotguns be without including arguably the best shotgun scene in cinema history:




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