Secret Space Program. Conversation with a General

Secret Space Program. Conversation with a General

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There is something about the military space program that excites the interest of conspiracy theorists. By its nature, much of what the military does in space is shrouded in secrecy. Hence, people with overactive imaginations and a hint of paranoia are often given to filling in the blanks.

Most people have heard stories of alien space technology being tested at Area 51 (1), a secret facility in Nevada.

The facility, never officially admitted to, is apparently used to develop and test experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

While no evidence exists that the military is reverse engineering alien technology, derived it is said from the UFO crash at Roswell, Area 51 has entered popular culture, particularly as part of the long-running TV series The X Files and the smash-hit film about alien invasions, Independence Day.

Even more lurid is the conspiracy theory that suggests that the military is conducting a secret space program (2), for purposes as yet unknown.

The scale of the alleged program seems to be on a greater scale than the public one, consisting of NASA’s International Space Station and robotic probes to the planets and moons of the solar system. Aliens could be involved. The purpose may be to get the elite off the planet before environmental catastrophe destroys it.


Real Space Program

The real military space program is concerned with mundane but vital support for war fighting on Earth. As Wired points out (3), the military and the NSA have a number of satellites designed to keep tabs on what is happening on Earth.

Lacrosse and Keyhole provide real-time images of what is going on upon the Earth’s surface. The things that the military are interested in keeping a watch on range from military deployments by foreign powers, the building of facilities in foreign countries that might prove to be a concern (for example, Iranian nuclear bomb facilities) and the location of terrorist leaders, such as the late Osama bin Laden and the current leadership of ISIS.

The NSA is interested in monitoring communications, presumably of terrorists and other threats to national security. This ability has caused concerns among civil libertarians, because the spy agency has the ability to monitor calls and emails to and from American citizens. Can the needs of national security be balanced by Constitutional protections? The argument is ongoing.

The military also uses the same global positioning system that your car uses for its own navigation needs. The system is even used to guide missiles and bombs precisely onto their targets, reducing the possibility of collateral damage.

The military does not currently have a crewed space program (4). It did at one time, during the 1960s, called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (5). The idea was that a space station would be launched into polar orbit.

Military astronauts would ride to and from the facility in an enhanced version of the Gemini spacecraft and conduct real-time reconnaissance of the Earth’s surface. The program was cancelled in 1969 when it was judged that satellites had become advanced enough to perform Earth observation without human presence. Most of the military astronauts transferred to NASA and eventually flew on the space shuttle.


Rumors aside, the military never had its own dedicated space shuttle orbiter. Plans existed at one time to launch a space shuttle from Vandenberg Air Force Base on a polar orbit missions.

A number of secret military payloads were launched on the space shuttle from Florida, but the practice was discontinued after the Challenger accident, and the military switched to expendable rockets.

One military space program that has excited interest is a reusable space plane called the X-37B (6). The X-37B has been launched into orbit several times on secret missions lasting for around a year.

The official story is that the space plane, which has no crew, is being used to run experiments from its own cargo bay. Some have speculated that the X-37B is a prototype of a vehicle that can quickly deploy satellites in the event of war as well as space-based weapons, either to attack enemy satellites or defend American satellites against enemy attack. Thus far, the military is neither confirming nor denying this speculation.




Guys, I am a long time lurking member. And I wish this was more of a tight knit small forum because my honesty and warm character could be verified by you. Other than me telling you: Guys, I am not a shill, I am an honest person, and I have no reason to post here, other than to show my excitement this morning.

The reason I dont post threads here that often is because I am a knowledge gatherer and have no reason to post on something that I have no information on until today that is.

Well today, I just stumbled on some crazy information from a retired Brigadier General in the Air Force of 33 years.

I will only give a location in the Blan edited vicinity, and he is the owner of a Blank edited in the blank edited area now. I have been buddies with him for almost 10 years now because we subcontract with each other for jobs all the time.

The craziest thing is I really never knew his military background and I never knew he had a knowledge in this conspiracy type stuff. I also dont like people to look at me like I am loony, so I stray away from speaking to people about GLP/ATS type issues unless I can get a feel that they are of interest or have there own experience in the matter.

So, we are working on a job this morning in the NYC area at my store, discussing plans about 20 minutes ago (yes you can tell I am excited) and I mention the Earthquakes from last week being on almost the same latitude line from Colorado to Virginia. Instead of him saying: “Wow , did you feel the shaking ? That was scary!”

The guy says “Yup, this world is changing very fast, many people have no idea what to expect in the coming years”.

I immediately thought, that was a strange way to talk about the shaking sensations of last week. So, I continued in a small convo with him and for the first time ever he admitted to me about flying planes for the air force and retiring as a 1 Star Brigadier General in the US Air Force for 33 years.

He even mentioned working at Wright Patterson and traveling to Nellis and Edwards AFB on numerous occasions.

He used to fly C140B Cargo Planes as a young officer and eventually moved up the ladder to command and flag level ranks. I was thoroughly impressed with his repetoire so of course I had to inquire about the UFO topic and inside information. He laughed and said dont get me started. “I have NO insider information, only what I have seen and heard from my other brass buddies” Lingo for officer general staff friends over the years.–

A few things he stated:

During his time at both Wright Patterson and Area 51 region as a COL and Brigadier General level he admitted to having TOP SECRET CLEARANCE as well as a need to know clearance into certain areas as what he called it.

Basically everyone had TS clearance, and the way he said it worked was if you were supposed to be in certain areas, your superior gave you the clearance on an as needed and need to know level. There were no terms for this, just access, etc.

He said that he never saw anything out of this world so to speak, but he did state that he saw hangers “LARGER THAN LIFE” over there that were heavily guarded, and he “even as a general was never allowed over or even close to them”. FOr his entire 33 years all of his AF buddies always had stories and talked about Area 51 and WP AFB as having these incredibly large hangers, and also underground facilities to the size that people could never comprehend.

He said some of the facilities underground were so large that it seemed entire cities or populations could live a fully sustained 100 year life down in them. But again, he only knew about them, was never allowed in.

-He also claimed in these secret hangers that we always guarded and locked, they (him and his officer buddies) always speculated that something extra special was locked away in there, as in advanced technology. But the Air Force personnel were never allowed even close. They speculated something not of this world.

-He did admit to me that he has seen something to the effect of the Aurora test flight and admitted that there were various leaks out west u.s. with hypersonic mach levels being recorded on standard air tower radar and achieved on normal day and nights unknown for the area, these were indeed current working order aurora like craft.

He didnt go into any details, he didnt even tell me the name of the craft (but he witnessed various test flights) but he did say they do have “Aurora Like” Hypersonic/some other advanced tech Aircraft that can enter space, cruise around, than return and land on earth as easy as a 747 takes you from Tokyo to LA. But he did so, that was the only current advanced technology he was aware of, and ALLOWED TO SEE.

He also admitted that almost all the brass generals and most Colonels in the air force that took the full flight officer career path is/was aware of the aurora like hypersonic/space flight fighters that we have and most wont tell you anything like my friend just did for fear of gov reprisal. But the main thing he said is, this technology is something that is hidden for the public but not really out of this world, and it is not really a big deal in the air force ranks, they consider just another weapon in there arsenal.

He told me like it was no big deal. The real big deal is what he told me next. The hangers in A51 and WP AFB is where all the hooplah always was throughout his career.

-These are the big spills I got out of him. He said the crazy thing is, you talk to the president of the US and you talk to the top brass (4 star generals) in the air force and ask them about UFO’s and they will tell you the same thing my buddy is telling me. He admitted that even he is scared at what he saw.

These hangers aren’t controlled by the U.S. Government, I couldn’t really understand what he meant, but he said these hangers, even though they are way within U.S. property and grounds, and these programs that none of the Air Force brass were allowed access to were all black budget, covert, external groups not related AT ALL to the U.S. Government or Military.

He even said the hangers were guarded by men with security like camouflage on with no insignia, no rank, no affiliation with the air force. This always created tough questions and story talk amongst him and his brass buddies after work and at the bar, even to this day.

He could only surmise to me today, that his entire military career as he witnessed these people doing what they are doing and the hangers, underground bases, and black programs they protect were some (dont laugh at what he said in this quote) Men in black, completely hidden black budget program that was ultimately commissioned somehow and someway by the U.S. government, and somehow funded by black budget funds, but completely seperate from the U.S. government as an entity.

Meaning, whatever happened to this group, our government was not responsible. Kind of like ultra clandestine CIA operations, or delta force operations where the U.S. takes no responsibility but he went into further detail stating this was even crazier than that. These people didn’t even have any names and basically didn’t exists, at all.

He said he would be surprised if they even used there real names when speaking to non group officials. These guys did not exist. Not even to himself, a one star general in the AF, or his 4 star commanding generals of the AF.

My final question to him was the moon, mars, and secret space programs.

He admitted to me that there was more than just Apollo 18, 19, 20, but the Russians have had men on the moon, and we have been there back and forth more times than you can even imagine. He also stated we have bases on the moon with 100% certainty and honesty like I have never seen him speak to me before.

He said this with a more assertive character. He also said the one thing that really stood out in my mind, because this guy is a hard working businessman, who never ever gets into conversations like this with me, he said I am going to tell you a little something that you may already know. “Pretty soon the world will be able to commercially travel to mars and the moons of mars, we can and have already done it.

And when commercial space flight brings us to Phobos, people are in for a HUGE surprise when they find this. As a matter of fact, there is an obelisk man made structure on one of the moons of mars Phobos, and something that no one has told you about that is the Russians, Chinese, and Americans created that in a collaborative mission.

That is something that I have never told any civilian before, as a matter of fact I have never had this convo with any civilian other than my family before. “So to answer your question, yes we have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes in space, don’t listen to Obama and the news about our lack of space travel, and our closing of our ONLY space station **with a laugh**, but more importantly it is compartmentalized and I only heard stories from other officers about the really classified stuff, and I experienced only some of it with my own eyes.

The Ultrasonic and Gravity Type Projects, giant hangers, huge bases underground, the unmarked security black projects group all over the globe guarding black projects with what seems like unlimited funds and total autonomy without presidential or gov authorization, and I have seen a lot of joint nasa/usaf operations documents regarding moon projects, mars projects, and space travel, ie: hidden space program during my career, everything that is in regards to national defense, I had my hands and eyes in at my command 1 star flag level position.”

“But, unfortunately I cannot sit here and tell you I have seen aliens, and I have proof, because even a retired 1 star general like myself has never had any access to that type of information. I can tell you with 120% certainty that I have seen planes in triangle and full circular shapes lift all the ground using gravity propulsion and I have seen planes speed in excess of Mach 14 and still make maneuvers at that speed, but I cannot tell you I have seen a little green man.”

There are a lot of things the government doesn’t want you to know, and I was and still am a part of that cover-up, and I know you will probably go running to all your friends involved and tell them what I said to you, but the fact of the matter is, if you don’t use my name I wont be held accountable, and most people wont ever believe you anyway. Hehe –laughter erupts from him.”

So, guys, I swear on my life that everything I have told you about my encounter with my long time business associate was truth, and I did not fabricate anything. Most of the things I have stated can be found on google or in wikipedia anyway. But this thread, what this thread means to me is it finally gave me my own REAL personal tangible evidence that this stuff really exists, and we have ET type technology hidden.

I always needed some form of proof from someone in the know. And today fellas and ladies, I just go it. Again, you can choose to believe me or not, I only wish there was a way for me to prove my character worthiness. I prob wont ever make a post like this ever again in my life because I wont have such an amazing reason to post a thread like this.

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