Shoppers Drugmart owned by Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore Plays its customers like fools.

Shoppers Drugmart owned by Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore Plays its customers like fools.

Sent to us by one of our readers so being anti-corporation we thought it would be a great idea to share the story by giving them a platform to express how they feel

On June 15th My wife went shopping @ shoppers and was given a card to enter a contest when trying to enter such contest we got a message saying the card had already been used.

Now in trying to enter this contest at first, the wanted us to log in so we tried this not knowing the password we had to call to request a new one what happened was we had to change our email so we could get the email to reset the password so we did this.

But it takes 24 hours for the system to add our email according to the man who spoke bad English and was most defiantly not located on the North American continent (India)

So I contacted the contest directly to the email listed

My message

I am so beyond upset your store on marine drive in North Vancouver bc is giving out bad cards with pins that have already been used I will never shop there again

What low thing to do play your customers as suckers my membership is 7122@#$@   the crap pin is k32p3n


Here is the reply:

Thanks for contacting us with your contest support question. Your request (#73601) has been deemed solved. Please see comments in the email below.

To review, comment and reopen the request, please reply to this email or visit:



Thanks for writing to us. Unfortunately, this contest has closed and is no longer functional. In the event that you are able to still see the promotion (rather than a contest closed screen), it is possible that you are viewing a locally cached copy.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks very much for your interest, and best of luck in future promotions!

Launchfire Support

As a customer, my solution is to cut my card up and I will be mailing it to the head office and never shop at a

Shoppers Drugmart orLoblawsor Real Canadian Superstore again

These companies constantly use deceiving practices to bring in customers well this former customer will no longer be there sucker.



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