Soul Traveling, The day I Met my My Family, Mother, Sister, Brother

I remember it like it was yesterday.
It was a normal night like any other night so off to bed I went.
Suddenly I woke up and I was not in my bed or room anymore I was on a street in a small town possibly a small city.
It was very strange nothing like I had seen before the streets were dirty and the grass was brownish green the buildings were covered in what appeared to be rust stains.
Now I had no understanding of what I was seeing as everything looked well kept the grass was cut short and other than the outward appearance of the building they did not look old or damaged.
It was as if life had left this town and no one was around to look after things.
So I proceeded to walk down the street it was quiet I could not hear anything but as I walked just to my left down the road was this tall building.
I had never seen a tall building before it must have had 10 or more floors it was an unusual design instead of a flat roof it had a slanted roof I can only describe it as like a pyramid but only on one side was the roof missing.
Not like it was missing but was designed this way.
So I walked the twisted street or driveway to this building and proceeded to walk in.
Now this is where things get strange.
Inside was pure white and silver the walls were white a brilliant white like I had never seen before and the doors and door frames were a brilliant silver not like chrome but more like a brushed aluminum.
Now some how after getting in this building I was on one of the upper floors no idea how I got from walking in the building to being on another floor
What seemed strange to me was no widows from the outside of this building it was covered in windows but once inside all there was what white walls.
Now on this floor in front of me was what I would describe as a security door.
2 sets of door with a small room between the 2 doors on the left was a security window.
So imagine a small room made out of glass square the size of a bathroom a glass door on 2 of the walls and a small glass security window on the left side.
On the other side of this security window was 2 men in uniforms.
Now I did not see them till I entered this room closing the one door behind me and waiting for the second door to open the men looked at me and said give us anything you have in your pockets.
I do not recall what I gave them but I believe I was still in my pajamas and they has no pockets but I did give them something seems to me it was a token of some kind.
They take whatever I gave them or should I say gave him as one of the men stayed sitting in his chair the whole time and said nothing the other man was at the little window dealing with me.
He then says ok go through the door so I did and the other door opened and I walked through it into a large square room very dull looking room.
At the end of the room things get strange again I walk towards this door I can see does not look unusual or like anything special.
Suddenly I am in a completely dark place no colour no light nothing I can’t see walls just darkness and in front of me just in the distance is a huge staircase i’m talking hundreds of steps.
It appears to be floating I can’t see anything holding them up or anything else the staircase is illuminated from above it but all around is just darkness.
Not like night the only way I can describe it is nothingness there is nothing there and I mean literally nothing just the staircase and the light above it.
Now even the light is strange I can’t tell where the light comes from it’s just there and nothing else.
Imagine the darkest pit of hell and suddenly a magical light and staircase appears out of nowhere.
So I start walking towards this staircase and then start climbing the staircase yes that’s how it felt like I was climbing not walking up it but I was walking.
Now understand I am scared confused and in my mind totally lost.
I suddenly get to the top of the stairs after what seems like forever and right in front of me is a door it is pure black 1000 times darker than all the darkness surrounding me and the stairs.
But the door handle is brilliant gold and I can feel energy emanating from behind the door and energy unlike I could even comprehend.
It was like a billion worlds were behind the door stars the universe it scared the hell out of me.
Something was telling me open the door so I grabbed the door handle aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
The light that ripped through my entire being burned my eyes I can only describe it as looking at 1000 suns while floating in outer space like a solar wind has passed through me and still in me.
Now I did not open the door I was still holding on to the golden door handle it scared me like nothing before ever had.
And I let go of the handle and woke up in my bed like nothing had ever happened.
So I went on with my day and that night went back to bed not thinking of it at all.
But I had no idea what was about to happen to me…………and I fell fast asleep.
I woke up again and I was in this same strange town I had been in the night before.
This time everything was different the town was new bright and shinny the grass was beautiful green the streets were clean and all the buildings were brilliant and shiny new and there were men maintaining the streets grass and buildings.
No one else was there but what seemed like maintenance people maintaining this beautiful little town and there was the building I had been in just the night before.
So like the other night I proceeded to walk in and suddenly I was on another world another galaxy a place like I had never seen or imagined before and I had no way of understanding where I was.
The sky was a brilliant purple more of a light cloudy purple the grass or what appeared to be grass was brilliant green and the road or sidewalk was a yellow colour.
Now these colours were so vibrant and full of life that there is not words or description I can use to describe them nothing like them exists on our world or dimension we live in.
Suddenly I see 3 beings off in the distant coming towards me they are unlike anything I have seen before or could even comprehend with my mind.
There is one that is much larger than the other 2 the only way to describe them is S shaped and brilliant purple in colour they were full bodied as if you took the letter S and blew it up like a balloon.
The 2 small ones were moving much faster than the larger one they were not walking they were gliding but not touching the ground or sidewalk.
Now the path of the sidewalk was a curved and twisting it would go straight then curve to the right then go straight again and curve to the left.
O crap the 2 small beings are still coming towards me and I am afraid I can hear what these beings are saying but its like a jumbled mass of information like many people are talking at the same time but you can’t distinguish any words or sentences.
There energy is exited fast and rapid it’s all around me what is happening and what do they want with me suddenly they are here.
The only way to describe them is like children running and playing jumping so much energy so hyper and without proper direction.
And I hear HER not spoken words but some form of telepathy they communicated telepathically to each other and me WOW.
All fear is gone my entire being feels love the kind that emanate through your entire being to your very core it penetrates my body my bones and my mind all at the same time.
Wow the brilliance and love is everywhere it is everything the entire world or place I am is so full of love and compassion for everything.
She says really loud stop children do not scare your brother calm down.
She proceeds to tell me that she is my real mother and they are my brother and sister she says welcome home son we are happy you have come to visit us we are your family and we are now complete and whole again.
We love you and everything is fine and you are safe.
Is this heaven have I died I am left without words but I am basked in so much love and peace my soul and being is calm and content.
Now from there I only recall spending a long time with them and playing with my brother and sister and having may conversations with my mother what we talked about I don’t totally real.
I only many years latter understand she was telling me I would have a very hard life and I would suffer greatly my very being would be torn into shreds then put back together again over and over again.
My soul and heart would die 1000 time in one lifetime but to be assured they were always with me and when it is over they would be there to bring my back home.
Now for those of you who know my true story know I speak the truth and know the darkness my life has been and the suffering I endured in this life.
This is a true story of my out of body (soul travel) this happened 40 years ago I have many such experiences but till this moment have never told anyone of them.
Christopher Ma (
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