The Most Terrifying Top Secret Aircraft In The Military

The United States Military has endless resources at it’s disposal. They also employ some of the brightest minds this world has to offer. It only stands to reason that because of this they have quite a few secret projects that they are tirelessly trying to keep under wraps. These projects, mostly weapons, use advanced technology and are the best in their weapons class.

The Most Terrifying Top Secret Aircraft In The Military

The reason that they are kept under wraps is because of the technology.  The US doesn’t want other countries learning the technology that goes into the making of them. Sikorsky UH – 60 – The date was May 11, 2011.

Blackstar – This is not really new technology but has been around since the 1980’s as a project that is being run by the intelligence agencies in the US.  This is a plane that can actually go into orbit around the earth.  In the Challenger explosion in 1986, the US had orbital reconnaissance capabilities that were jeopardized and this project was an effort to retain those capabilities.  The Blackstar is an orbital system that has 2 stages.  It used a high speed aircraft that carried it right to the edge of space where it would separate and go into orbit 300 miles over the earth using the motor from a rocket.  This craft would then be able to conduct the reconnaissance that the US needed on materials that may be hidden from the paths that the spy satellites take.

RQ – 180
Northrop Grumman, with funding from the US Air Force’s budget for classified technology has created an unmanned aerial system that is the most advanced one to ever be made.  This unit was designed for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions behind enemy lines.  Official sources say that this aircraft will be able to carry passive electronic surveillance measures as well as active electronically scanned array radar measures.  This will allow it to handle the surveillance that was previously done by the SR-71 Blackbird before it was retired.  The new testing hangars found at Area 51 suggest that it might have a wingspan of as much as 130 ft.  It will be able to fly for over 24 hours and as high as 11 miles.

 X – 37B
This is a robotic space plane that is operated by the US Air Force.  It has been designed to be able to test reusable technologies for space.  That said, its actual mission and payload are still classified.  This was originally a NASA craft but in 2004 it was transferred to the US government.  This craft can be launched on an Atlas 5 rocket and can spend over a year in orbit before returning to the earth.  Boeing has converted a facility at Kennedy Space Center for the purposes of developing a fleet of these.

The first mention known of this craft was in a 1985 document for the budget of the nation.  It was an allocation to the tune of $445 million for the production of a “black aircraft” in 1987.  Claims of the existence of this craft are based on the observations that this country has the technology that is necessary to build a hypersonic craft such as this one.  There have also been sightings of a triangular, black aircraft that is accompanied by a contrail that resembles “donuts on a rope”.

This peculiar contrail is indicative that the craft has a pulse detonation engine.  This craft is also linked to quite a few sonic booms that have been recorded at regular intervals by southern California’s U.S. Geological Survey sensors.  These were analyzed later by experts from NASA and they claim that it was something that was around 90,000 ft (or 27.4 km) high that was moving at either Mach 4 or 5.2.

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