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The Occult Anatomy of Man In Scripture we are told that God made man in his own image.

It is so stated not only in the Christian Bible but also in the holy writings of nearly all enlightened people.

The Jewish patriarchs taught that the human body was the microcosm, or little cosmos, made in the image of the macrocosm, or the great cosmos.

This analogy between the finite and infinite is said to be one of the keys by the aid of which the secrets of Holy Writ are unlocked.

There is no doubt that the Old Testament is a physiological and anatomical textbook to those capable of reading it from a scientific viewpoint.

The functions of the human body, the attributes of the human mind, and the qualities of the human soul, have been personified by the wise men of the ancient world, and a great drama has been built around their relationships to themselves and to each other.

To the great Egyptian demigod, Hermes, the human race owes its concept of the law of analogy.

The great Hermetic axiom was, That which is above is like unto that which is below, and that which is below is like unto that which is above.

Excerpt from Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermetics – …..each part of the body is also, in analogy with the effect of the elements in the body, influenced by a specific element, which finds its expression in the polarity of the responsive part of the body.

It happens to be a very interesting fact that in the workshop, respectively in the clockwork or mechanism, which is to say in the human organism, some organs, from the inside to the outside, reciprocally own the electrical fluid, and from the outside to the inside they possess the magnetic fluid, which affects the functions in the entire organism in an analogous and harmonious way.

In other organs the reverse process takes place, the electrical fluid operating from the outside to the inside, the magnetic one from the inside to the outside.

This knowledge of the polar emanation is called in the hermetic art the “occult anatomy of the body”. And the knowledge of the effect of this occult anatomy is extremely important for every adept who wants to know his body, to influence and to control it.

Occult anatomy of the human figure

I shall therefore describe this occult anatomy of the human body with respect to the electrical and magnetical fluid, that is to say, in the positive and in the negative sphere of action.

These arguments will turn to magnetopath’s great advantage because he will treat the sick part of the body wither with the electrical or the magnetical fluid, according to the centre of the disease. But this knowledge will bring great profit to everybody else too.

The Head: The forepart is electric, the back of the head is magnetic and so is the right side; the left side is electric and so is the middle.

The Eyes: The forepart is neutral and so is the background. The right side is electric and so it is with the left side. The inside is magnetical

The Ears: Forepart neutral, back part also. Right side is magnetical, left side electrical, inside neutral.

Mouth and Tongue: Forepart neutral, back part as well. Right side and left side both neutral, inside magnetical.

The Neck: Forepart, back part and right side magnetical, left side and inside electrical.

The Chest: Forepart electromagnetic, back part electrical, right side and inside neutral, left side electrical.

The Abdomen: Forepart electrical, back part and right side magnetical left side electrical, the inside magnetical.

The Hands: Forepart neutral, back part also, right side magnetical, left side electrical, the inside neutral.

The Fingers of the Right Hand: Fore- and back part neutral, right side electrical, left side also, the inside neutral.

The Fingers of the Left Hand: Fore- and back part neutral, right side electrical, left side as well, the inside neutral.

The Feet: Fore- and back part neutral, right side magnetical, left side electrical, the inside neutral.

The Male Genitals: Forepart electrical, back part neutral, right and left side also, the inside magnetical.

The Female Genitals: Forepart magnetical, back part, right and left side neutral, the inside electrical.

The Last Vertebra & Anus: Fore and back part neutral, right and left side as well, the inside magnetical.

With the help of this occult anatomy and the key of the tetrapolar magnet, the adept may compile further analogies if wanted.

The alchemist will recognize that the human body represents a genuine Athanor in which the most perfect alchemistic process, the Great Work or the preparation of the Philosophers’ Stone is visibly performed.

Herewith the chapter dealing with the body is finished. I do not assert that all has been regarded, but in any case, with respect to the elements, I mean to say, the four-pole magnet, I have treated the most important problems and revealed the secret of the Tetragrammaton in view of the body.

Manly Palmer Hall
(18 March 1901 – 29 August 1990)

A world-renowned authority on philosophy, comparative religion and the esoteric doctrines of antiquity.

Founded the Philosophical Research Society in 1934 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the ensoulment of all arts, sciences, and crafts.

He was a Canadian-born author and mystic.

He is perhaps most famous for his work –
The Secret Teachings of All Ages — An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy , published in 1928 at the age of 26, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus.

On 8th December 1973, he was recognized as a 33 degree Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite) – at a ceremony held at PRS – despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

In his over 70-year career, Mr. Hall authored more than 150 books and essays, and delivered over 8000 lectures in the U.S. and abroad, in his multi-faceted role as a teacher of the universal laws through which the creating principle manifests itself.

Rise of the fallen\ Meditation magick\Kundalini reopening

I did take my time today to reopen my chakras as I felt rather stuck on some of them due to bad luck and mishaps. I decided I would go with a kundalini reopening combined with some archangels’ sigils to make my experience stronger and more facilitative. So this is the chakra map I used to draw some of the sigils with :

Together with that and the sigils of some of my guardians, I came up with a map for evocation that I felt I should draw on my hand ( I am not posting the sigils as you can find them online and I am not going into depth of the ones I summoned as this is rather personal). This is how it looked like:

I did choose to stain my other arm than the dominant tattooed one because I did not want to have the energies intertwine. As you may notice, I included bits and parts of the sigils I always felt close to me and relevant, as I didnt look to paint them one to one. What I felt drawn to is what I had. And I also wasn’t looking for great painting because I just wanted them to mean something to me and I like scrappy things. So I combined the sigils and chakras in order for them to signify the reopening physically.

Later on during circle casting I did not only call upon the elements to my aid but also upon the archs I felt most connected to and wanted to show respect to. I felt the touch of every element, took it in, touched it and looked at it as I was feeling it filling me up. It got shaky as I called upon protection and guidance from the archs while trying to take them in as well. It was a nurtoring experience when my mind was filled with their chanting.

I saw a four or so meter gate in front. I walked in through the half-lit white hall through a small door and I saw yet another one of my guardians, whom I never knew. He cleared my path, told me why I was walking this earth and it felt so familiar and warm again. I felt at home. And now that my body is still full of energy and peace I feel like I found what I lost a year ago.

Just wanted to share the experience and maybe give sone ideas for meditative magick to you all.

Blessed be.


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