I am amazed and baffled how people are soo blind and lost and brain washed that they are sooo quick and hyped to go march for all kind of causes that pale in comparison to the real evil and destruction that is acting upon us the humans of the planet.Let me say something about Trump that the blind,lost and brain wash people of this planet need to understand.If you think that President Trump is the biggest monster that you need to worry about,well you better snap out of it real,real,fast.Trump has been targeted by the real monsters out there that perceive Trump as an obstacle and Trump knows about it,he knows how to disrupt their routine and expose them and he was very vocal about doing so during his campaign.

The establishment has painted Trump as the second coming of Hitler to discredit him which has soo many weak minded people lost,confuse,fearful and filled with hatred who thinks Hitler is out to get them.Even President Nixon said that “If You Want People To Believe You,Just Put It On Television” and that was decades ago which brings me to modern news networks like CNN[crooked news network].They are puppets that the establishment control and use to spread fear and confusion and only gives us the news that they want us to see,hear and know about which only fits into their own agenda where the real news worthy stuff that can really help wake us up and inspire us to move forward in a positive way is being kept from us on purpose.

Back to the issue with all of those who march,protest and riot like a bunch of idiots who wreck and destroy things that solve nothing at all but paint a bad image of americans across the world.Well how about we all start marching against all the ills that might affect us in a bad way and not just the political and brain wash propaganda that we are dealing with.How about we also form a million man and woman march and demand answers to the following.

1.CHEMTRAILS[what the hell are they spraying at high altitudes]
2.CLEAN WATER/AIR[its time to yell kick and scream for these]
3.BIG PHARMA DRUG COMPANIES[we know you are hiding cures]
4.VACCINES{what the hell is inside]
5.MONSANTO{its time to stop this act of food terrorism]
6.ILLUMINATI[we need to send a message that we are not your puppets]
7.GLOBALISM[its time to fight back and expel these parasites]
8.NASA[we know you are lying to us and we demand answers.]

I dont have all day to list the many more things that we can and should march or protest about so when the lost,confuse and brain wash people of this planet who likes to march,protest and riot only for political reasons because they might not like or approve of someone,then they better wake up and wake up real fast because our children who are the future will be the ones that will really pay the price for our ignorance and failure to fight for all everything that right in Gods creation that we know as Planet Earth.


Christopher Ma

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