Trudeau Says He Has No Problem LYING To Canadians

Trudeau Says He Has No Problem LYING To Canadians

Would you agree that breaking a promise is a lie?

Basically Justin Trudeau has made it clear to Canadians he has no problem breaking election promises. Says it would be irresponsible to keep his election promises.

Of course Trudeau made promises to keep deficits under $10b in his election campaign, he needed voters, and to get voted he knew he had to lie, millions of tax dollars have been spent on a lie.

Trudeau made promises in trade for votes. As voters are already asking Trudeau where the change is that was promised. It’s being widely circulated on Facebook and other social media that Canadians want jobs and to put a halt on Syrian refugees, or fakeugees as we call it. The refugee increase won’t stop as Trudeau just announced Canadians demand more refugees, which of course is another lie to Canadians.

Many refugees are coming to Canada and voters can see homeless people in their front yards, Canadian homeless people with no help from the liberals in sight. Canadian homeless people are only being pushed deeper into their state of being homeless.

Liberals voters are seeing job looses not only themselves but also their families, do they regret their voting decision?

Trudeau calls the $29.4 B deficit an investment, but only a small amount of that will be spent on Canadian infrastructure, most of it is being sent out of Canada to support infrastructure in other countries.

But Trudeau has a misunderstanding of what infrastructure means, to the average Canadian infrastructure means creating jobs by building factories and housing, but Trudeau’s definition of infrastructure is education in foreign countries and spending millions of green energy which has not been proven yet, and won’t create many jobs. Most green energy jobs only require a few personal fulltime.

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