Did Trudeau (turd boy) get elected illegally? He should be facing prison for this

Did Trudeau (turd boy) get elected illegally? He should be facing prison for this


Elections Canada has laws politicians must follow, including party leaders who campaign for months before their election.

Back in April CBC reported that Justin Trudeau and four MP’s asked for extensions to pass in their financial reports after failing to meet the deadline, extensions were granted.

Trudeau receive a extension but missed the deadline to submit his campaign spending records twice by his official agent which led to court filing to get a retroactive one-day extension.

Trudeau’s official agent missed the deadline a second time, the documents needed by elections Canada were then handed in electronically, but Justin Trudeau’s signature was missing, the court was asked to operative with respect to past occurrences, in other words , forgive Trudeau for missing his signature, the courts eventually gave Trudeau’s lawer the retroactive extension and set his official deadline to March 22 verses March 21.

In simpler terms, Justin Trudeau did miss his signature in the documents needed, but the courts forgave him by giving him a retroactive deadline, which never happens, so was Trudeau elected illegally?


Let’s compare this to cashing a paycheck, you can’t cash a paycheck without a signature, but that’s what Trudeau did, he cashed the paycheck without a signature, the courts allowed him to come to the bank the next day to sign the paycheck.

There could still be some glitches to this case and if the right information gets revealed to the right lawyers, Trudeau should be facing jail time.

Canada elections is very strict on their laws, if the courts hadn’t been on Trudeau’s side, he won’t have gotten elected, he could have lost his seat.

Is the system rigged? If it was rigged, Trudeau would surely go to prison and Canada would have a surplus right now, you decide, share and comment your thoughts.

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