Understand that ‘Contrails’ don’t happen with Modern Jet Engines Today

CHEMTRAIL / CONTRAIL What is really going on from different viewpoints.

It is important to understand that ‘contrails’ don’t happen with all the modern jet engines that are in use today.

We get a very temporary (VERY!!) ice crystal issue from the temperature differential and a bit of particles (ice forms around them) in the exhaust, and that’s it.

The MODERN jet engines are what is known as a ‘bypass’ type and they have very little capacity to produce a contrail, compared to older jet engines.

those older jet engines will, for the very large part, not be found anywhere in north America, due to fuel costs and heavy use. the engines were swapped out with the newer technology, long long ago.

the fuel is much cleaner, so it cannot form ice crystals around a plethora of detritus from the exhaust and the engines, the detritus simply is not in the fuel! Again, to top it off…the modern ones burn much cleaner than ever before. A double whammy in that area alone.

In essence, the long term ‘hanging in the sky’ ‘Contrails’ that people see, CANNOT EXIST in modern times, anywhere in the world.

It can only be a chemical spray, a deliberate particle spray, a CHEMTRAIL -physically and in technical reality….it cannot be a contrail.

One reader’s thoughts so we thought we would publish it and see what your thoughts were along with other thought processes on the subject this reader does not believe in chemtrails.

Image result for CHEMTRAIL / CONTRAIL one has moisture one does not.

Why does a contrail vanish?
Contrails are made of ice crystals from water in the exhaust and the surrounding air. They vanish because the ice turns back into water vapor. If will vanish faster if the air is dry and/or relatively warm. They can stay for a long time though.

Contrails, which are ice particles vs chemtrails?
Some people say the longer lasting trails are “chemtrails”, but there’s no evidence to support this, as some trails have always lasted a long time.

How long lasting trails are created?
Exactly the same as the short trails. They just last longer because of the weather at that altitude (which is often unrelated to the weather on the ground).  When it’s cold and humid at 30,000 feet, then contrails at 30,000 feet will last longer.

How long have chemtrails being going on for?
The chemtrail story was first told around 1997.

How planes create acid rain
Acid rain is caused mostly by ground based industrial pollution of ammonia, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Very little comes from planes. Planes could create acid rain by deliberately spraying large amount of sulfur to affect the climate, but there’s no evidence that anyone have ever done this.  In fact the creation of acid rain is a very big reason why they will not.

Why don’t we see many contrails anymore? 
The amount of air traffic has not changed much in the last 2-3 years.  So if you’ve suddenly stopped seeing contrails then it’s probably because it’s summer, and the conditions for contrail formation don’t exist that frequently in summer.  Particularly in places like southern California, which have hot dry summers.  I’ve seen far fewer contrails now it’s June.

Why do military jets leave a contrails?
For the same reason commercial and private jets leave contrails: water in the exhaust freezes to create trails of ice clouds.  Military jets might create different contrails depending on the circumstances, as they have different engines (particularly fighter jets).

Do all planes make chemtrails?
All planes can make contrails, but only if they fly high enough to encounter cold enough air.  In very cold places like Alaska, even cars can make contrails. The trails that people suspect of being “chemtrails” are probably just contrails.

Can contrails stay in the air?
Yes.  Contrails are physically almost identical to clouds, so they act like clouds.  They are usually a bit denser than clouds, so can stay around longer if conditions are right.

What jets can you see contrails from?
Any jet flying through cold enough and moist enough air will produce contrails. In more marginal conditions then it depends on the “contrail factor” of the engine.  If it’s warm or dry enough then no jets will be able to leave a contrail.

What is bill hr 2977 about?
It’s about the weaponization of space.  It bans “space based” weapons, and list several, including “chemtrails” (which is pretty odd, as “chemtrails” are not space based, unless you consider flying in a passenger jet to be space travel).  It was written by some UFO enthusiasts.

Is there barium in gasoline?
There are trace amounts of many metals, including barium, that found in crude oil and its products. Beyond this – not unless added via fuel additives, and those found on Google were old, and related to diesel. You might get some barium in the exhaust from barium additives in the engine lubricants, such as Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate.

Why would two planes fly next to each other?
The most likely explanation is that they just look like they are next to each other, but really one is a thousand feet or more above the other.  However they might be planes on a photo shoot or military planes practicing maneuvers.

Do contrails cause climate change
Yes. Although the amount and nature of this is still uncertain.  It’s also a different kind of climate change to CO2 emissions, because if we stopped flying then the contrail climate change would also stop immediately.  If we stop emitting CO2, then it would still take decades for it to have an effect.

Black line in sky in front of plane?
That is a volumetric shadow.  Only visible when the contrail is lined up with the sun relative to the observer, so the observer is inside the shadow.

Do contrails create pollution?
No.  Contrails are just ice clouds made from the water in plane engine exhausts.  However some people consider this to be visual pollution.  Plane engine exhaust is pollution just like car and truck exhaust is, however a plane creates the same amount of pollution wether it leaves a contrail or not.

Why do regular planes leave a trail?
All planes leave trails if the conditions are right at the altitude they are flying.   If you see one plane leaving a trail, and another not, then they are probably at slightly different altitudes.  It only takes a few hundred feet.

Can a contrail form at any height?
Yes.  However in most of the world the answer is no, as it’s too warm at the lower altitudes.  Typically contrails form above 25,000 feet (five miles up), in temperatures of -40F or colder.  In very cold places like Alaska they can form at ground level.

How long after chemtrails is it safe to go outside
There’s no real evidence that “chemtrails” are anything other than persistent contrails.  However if an aerosol was being sprayed then remember  that aerosols basically hang in the air, falling at 1 foot per second they would take at least eight hours to reach the ground, and by that time would have spread over an area of thousands of square miles, lingering in the air for days.  So essentially the answer would be: never.

are the elite ptb still chemspraying the popualce of the world?
No. At least if they are then they are doing it without leaving any evidence, which would be rather impressive with the millions of people that would need to be involved in covering it up.

How can you tell the difference of a plane dumping fuel or leaving contrails?
Most planes dump fuel from the wingtips.  It also usually happens  at a lower altitude.  The resultant plume is much hazier than a contrail, and evaporates quickly.

How long will it take the droplet to fall 2000 m if it goes 1 cm every second?
1 meter is 100 cm. So 2000 meters is 200,000 cm. At 1 cm per second it would take 200,000 seconds, which is 55 hours, or just over two days.  Wolfram Alpha is useful for things like this.

Why was contrail forecasting important to the Air Force in the 1950s but not in the 1980s?
It was and still is important.  The reason has always been because of stealth – a plane might dodge the radar, but if it leaves a long contrail then it’s hard to hide.  Perhaps in the 1950s there was more of a focus on spy planes, and now they have either been largely replaced by satellites, or they have figured out how to avoid contrail producing regions of the atmosphere.

Can contrails blow accross the sky in a straight line?
Yes.  Air moves as large circulating masses.  If you look at a weather map, in  any given 50 mile wide region the air is moving pretty much in the same direction.  So a contrail will move like that.  It will distort eventually, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Why can you hear some planes but not others?
Different sized planes can be at very different altitudes bu look the same.  A plane at 30,000 feet that is twice the size of one at 15,000 feet will look like it’s the same, but will be further away, so quieter.  But a more dramatic difference is between planes that are climbing at 90% of  full power, and those that are descending, at maybe 5% of full power.  The descending plane will be vastly quieter than the climbing plane.  This also applies to planes at cruising altitude when they make relatively small altitude adjustments.

Do people actually believe in chemtrails?
Some people are probably trolling, or promoting the theory for some reason like selling their books or medical products.  However many people do seem to genuinely believe that the theory is supported by the evidence.  I think this site shows that it is not.  The believers tend to also believe a varied range of other conspiracy theories.

Why do orbs seem to follow contrails?
“Orbs” are things in the sky that appear round from a great distance, or in a photo or video (often they are individual bokeh highlights).   They are things like plastic bags, balloons, planes, birds, clouds, or even specks of dust in a bright light.  They don’t actually follow contrails, it’s just that you were looking at the contrail, and you saw orbs. They are everywhere in the sky if you look long enough.

Who came up with the theory of chemtrails?
The theory grew online around 1997 out of concerns regarding pollution from jet fuel additives.  It’s not clear if one person started it, but some of the early names mentioned are Larry Wayne Harris, Richard Finke, John Grace, and Bill Brumbaugh.  It has been greatly propmpted by William Thomas, Art Bell and Jeff Rense.

Is chemtrails responsible for acid rain?
If planes were spraying something like sulphur, then that would create acid rain.  But there’s no evidence that they are.  The human causes of acid rain are things like power stations, factories and transportation (including normal jet exhaust)

Do commercial airlines seed clouds on the west coast
Not in the usual sense of making low rain clouds rain more.  But contrails are clouds, and the ones that persist are essentially”seeded” by the engine exhaust. But contrails are ice clouds, and don’t produce rain.  They do sometimes make the sky overcast.

Normal atmospheric barium levels?
Via the EPAThe primary source of barium in the atmosphere is industrial emissions. Barium concentrations ranging from 0.0002 ug/m3 to 0.028 ug/m3 (mean of 0.012 ug/m3) have been detected in urban areas of North America (ATSDR, 1992). Barium is naturally occurring in most surface waters and in public drinking water supplies. Barium content in U.S. drinking water supplies ranges from 1 to 20 ug/L; in some areas barium concentrations as high as 10,000 ug/L have been detected (WHO, 1990). Barium is ubiquitous in soils, with concentration ranging from 15 to 3000 ppm.

Of course you’ve got to watch your units there.  Also note that the measurement of barium in the atmosphere is in micrograms per cubic meter OF AIR. The concentration of barium in airborne dust is an entirely different measurement, which is where Arizona Skywatch went so badly wrong.

How long does it take an airplane to reach 30,000 ft
At an average climb rate of 1800 feet/minute, it would take about 16 minutes.  But it can vary a lot based on the plane, the load, and what the pilot wants.  An SR-71 could do it in less than three minutes if pushed. Larger commercial jets can take up to 30 minutes or more.   Not all planes even go up to 30,000 feet, especially for short flights.

Does NASA claim that contrails cannot form in the stratosphere
No. Nasa says:

Contrails usually form in the upper portion of the troposphere and in the lower stratosphere where jet aircraft normally fly, generally between about 8 and 12 km altitude (~26,000 to 39,000 feet). They can also form closer to the ground when the air is very cold and has enough moisture.

What do you think now the other side of the argument.


Proponents of the theory, often notably insane people such as Alan Watt, Alex Jones and David Icke support the idea that aerial chemical spraying is part of a massive, secret geo-engineering effort to combat climate change with its temporary cooling effects. Some of the toxic compounds claimed as being released into the atmosphere are aluminum dioxide (Al2O3) and barium salts, according to the allegations made against White House Science Czar John P. Holdren. Chemtrails chemical trails according to various kooks, are a currently ongoing mass aerial dispersal of unknown chemicals by The Powers That Be, for some vague but definitely nefarious purpose. This is one of the youngest among the more “established” conspiracy theories, having been first discussed at least as early as 1996, and is sadly still going strong — despite the complete lack of evidence, of compelling motive, or indeed of basic plausibility.

That said, governments have been known to go batshit insane in the past. The Ministry Of Defence once spewed zinc cadmium sulphide (ZnCdS) over vast swaths of the population of the UK, between 1953 and 1964.

These tests were to assess Britain’s vulnerability if the Russians decided to engage in biological warfare.

Chemtrail history and culture

Chemtrail theories were first brought to prominence in the 1990s by paranormal pusher and talk radio host Art Bell. Aided by the internet, it is now a worldwide phenomenon and chemtrail watchers all over the globe exchange photographs and videos of their favorite contrails on forums and YouTube.

Chemtrails were mentioned in US House Bill HR2977, October 2, 2001, which banned various types of weapons in space. The reference to chemtrails was eventually removed, but the original inclusion is cited as evidence that they are a real phenomenon. Given that the original bill was introduced by Dennis Kucinich, it perhaps reveals more about Kucinich than about whether chemtrails are real.

The chemtrail conspiracy is most popular among those familiar with the New World Order and those who claim that the spray is designed to pacify populations, either by making them sick, or some sort of mind control. Like many other pseudo scientific terms, earnest use of the word “chemtrails” immediately identifies the person using it as a crank, and is enough to harm credibility and provoke ridicule among those of a more rationalist disposition.


The purpose of the supposed chemtrail campaign is admittedly unknown, but speculation includes:

  • Sterilization for genocide or population control
  • Administration of drugs for mind control or pacification
  • Suppression of human evolution
  • To combat and control climate change
  • To mask the appearance of Planet X/Nibiru
  • To give Monsanto a global monopoly on genetically modified food by poisoning the environment so nothing but their seeds will grow.
  • Various activities associated with grand conspiracy theories.

The alleged composition of chemtrails varies from one wingnut to another. According to the website of chemtrail “expert” Clifford Carnicom, they may contain barium, calcium, magnesium, titanium, metallic salts, and microscopic fibers.

Another site claims they are composed of “an oil based substance of unknown content” and “unknown biological components”.

The alleged effects of chemtrails are incredibly varied. A claim of increase in respiratory diseases is common. Weather alteration is often mentioned. In chemtrail site forums nearly every unexplained headache or car-windshield spot is attributed to chemtrails. Morgellons has been attributed to chemtrails by some cranks who don’t understand that even if planes were dropping stuff into the atmosphere at 30,000 feet, it would be scientifically impossible for it to land on a person’s arm at ground level 5 minutes after the plane passes overhead.

It is known that barium (supposedly included in chemtrails) has the ability to prevent activation of certain T-cells in vitro, although this process is reversible and not a proven in vivo effect of barium exposure.

This has been made to fit into a wider secret plan to weaken the immune systems of the chemtrail targets.

Photo evidence

Some photographic evidence of chemtrails supposedly exists, and is often touted around forums dedicated to the conspiracy. There are numerous photos that show what appears to be ominous looking tanks of “stuff” inside a commercial jet airliner.

However, leaving Paranoia Ville and landing in Realityland, the images are of flight testing equipment. Tanks of water are used to simulate the weight of passengers (without using real people) and the fluidity and pumping equipment allows the weight distribution to be altered — because sometimes, as it has been known to happen, everybody on one side of the airplane slowly ventures to the other side to eventually see some amazing sight in the clouds or on the ground far below. This situation (as harmless as it may appear) can cause a devastating and sometimes deadly situation for the pilot. Successfully navigating with this specially designed training aircraft will soon be a requirement for all passenger aircraft pilots as this phenomenon of large masses of very slow moving passengers is increasing exponentially in occurrence.

Other photographic “evidence” is just what it looks like; normal contrails of exhaust gases and condensed water vapor. More dramatic trails can be generated by injecting water into jet engines to create a more “smoky” exhaust either during take-off or for testing purposes.

Black ray

A black ray contrail — simply a volumetric shadow that happens to be aligned.

In the event that an aircraft is flying directly away from the setting or rising Sun, the contrail may cause a spectacular crepuscular ray, known in chemtrail jargon as the “black ray”, after its sinister appearance. This has little to do with the chemicals sprayed into the contrail and everything to do with how the shadows work. A contrail can block out a significant amount of the Sun, and this casts a shadow which is what is usually interpreted by conspiracy nuts as a chemical change.

There are three main types of shadow that can occur due to contrails — and mostly they look a little odd because people aren’t quite used to working with shadows in three dimensions. The first is self-shadowing, which is simply the effect of the contrail cloud having volume, so develops a shadowed edge. This is particularly noticeable when the contrail is struck at certain low angles by the sun, or the atmospheric conditions are right to give the contrail a large, voluminous appearance. Parallel shadows give the illusion that a second, darker contrail is accompanying the brighter main one — but this is just the effect of the contrail casting a shadow onto a lower-lying and thin layer of cloud. This isn’t helped by the distances involved playing tricks with depth perception, but it isn’t anything special and it is observed whenever high clouds cast shadows onto thin layers of cloud or haze, sometimes producing multiple shadows when conditions are right.

Most black-ray contrails are due to volumetric shadows, so called because the shadow isn’t cast on an object but through the atmosphere, slightly darkening the natural haze there.

All shadows are volumetric in this manner, but when the observer is positioned to see it edge-on, the effect is to visibly darken the atmosphere. When aligned just right, this shadow can look like a darkened continuation of the contrail itself, and moving even slightly can reveal the “black ray” to be a simple illusion. With this in mind, all photos of “black rays” become quite apparent.

Germany admits to it!

At least one YouTube video claims to show a German news agency lifting the lid on military planes generating chemtrails and spraying barium into the atmosphere, according to the English subtitles. The actual German audio tells a rather different story: it’s not about weather manipulation and chemicals, but about chaff (radar counter-measures) deployed from fighter planes during military exercises that were falsely registered as rain clouds on meteorological radars.

Here is a step-by-step instruction how to fabricate your very own “proof” of chemtrails, much like the above video:

  1. Pick a somewhat sensationalist news item about the use of chaffWikipedia's W.svg by the German military from a German TV station known for broadcasting low-budget movies and softcore pornWikipedia's W.svg. Don’t worry, most people won’t know that this isn’t actually reliable news reporting in the first place.
  2. Add English subtitles, conveniently replacing all occurrences of “chaff” (German “Düppel”) with “chemtrail”, relying on the fact that the majority of your audience won’t know that the German word for “chemtrail” is, well, “chemtrail”. (If they knew, they might just notice that the word doesn’t occur at all in the clip.) Make it appear as if the report is about actual “clouds” of chemicals, rather than false positives showing up only on radar screens.
  3. Add some subtle mistranslations that make it appear as if there is some form of evil intent behind all of this. Why talk about unintended distortions in radar images, when adding a slight twist will allow you to accuse the military of actively counterfeiting them?
  4. Replace more words in your subtitles, for example write climate instead of the more boring and mundane weather radar. Remember: your audience doesn’t understand German, so you’re free to sell them anything you want and someone is bound to make a connection to HAARP. Just make it marginally fit the video image.
  5. Upload on Youtube, hyping it as a “Mainstream Media Exposé”.
  6.  ???
  7. Profit!

Airpilots admit it!

At least one Youtube video claims that two aircraft pilots exposed chemtrails. However, these pilots admitted it was fake in order to see if Chemtrail idiots would fall for it They did, obviously.[citation NOT needed]

Doppler Radar

Apparently, according to some conspiracy theorists, Doppler radarsWikipedia's W.svg are evidence of chemtrails. However, that’s not what Doppler radars are designed for. They’re designed to detect precipitation.

UN 2013 Report

It’s been claimed a 2013 report from the UN is linked to Chemtrails


Some chemtrail conspiracy theorists, such as Watt and Jones, claim that contrails are actually part of a covert geo-engineering scheme either to offset global warming by introducing a substance, generally aluminum dioxide, into the atmosphere (this has been discussed with some level of seriousness by geo-engineers)[citation needed] or to poison crops in order to force the populace to purchase seeds from Monsanto. Some cranks have gone so far as to protest geo-engineering conferences.

Hurricane Sandy

It has been claimed that HAARP caused Hurricane Sandy and was “caught on satellite and radar”. Guess who said it?

The lack of sense this conspiracy makes Na just kidding we are all going to die 

Things That Are NOT Contrails (or Chemtrails)

Contrails are long thin clouds of ice crystals that form behind planes that fly through freezing cold air. Usually you see them behind jets at around 30,000 feet.  If the air they fly though has enough moisture in it already, then these contrail clouds can last for a long time before they evaporate.  Sometimes you get a lot of them at once in the sky, if the weather is right. They look like this:

Note: the trails in the above photo ARE CONTRAILS (and some natural clouds).  That’s a photo taken by NASA scientist Louis Nguyen from I-95 in northern Virginia, January 26, 2001.    This is the only photo of contrails in this article.  The remaining photos are NOT contrails.

There are several things that a superficially somewhat similar, in that they involve stuff coming out of the back of an airplane and/or lines in the sky.  But these things are not contrails.


Skywriting is making patterns in the sky using smoke trails.  Done at a low altitude using small planes, it can look very like a contrail, but it’s very different as skywriting is made from smoke (made from injecting oil into the hot exhaust), and contrails are made from ice crystals.



Also known as “Dot Matrix Sky Writing”, See:


Skytyping utilizes five airplanes that fly abreast, 250-feet apart and “type” up to 25-30 character messages in a dot-matrix-like pattern. Skytyping is 17 times faster than skywriting, laying out a letter every 4 seconds. During skytyping aerial exhibitions, the pilots fly their aircraft in a line-abreast formation while a computer in the lead plane sends radio signals to the smoke systems in each plane in the formation, thus creating a customized message in a dot-matrix pattern of environmentally safe puffs of smoke.

In the above photo the trails have been blurred by the wind, but you can kind of make out letters in the section to the right.


Rather similar to skywriting, smoke trails are used to enhance exhibitions of aerobatics, often with different colored trails.  These are the Red Arrows, in the UK.

Even gliders can perform aerobatics, and they often have wingtip smoke generators to show this off:


More technically called “Aerial Application”, this involves spraying crops or agricultural areas with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or defoliants, for a variety of reasons.  Typically done with small planes or helicopters just a few tens of feet above the crop, like this:


Sometimes larger areas that an few fields are sprayed for things like mosquito control.  Larger planes can be used, but they still have to spray very close to the ground.  Here’s a C-130 spraying a few hundred feet up:


Sometimes planes have smoke emitters placed on them for research purposes – generally visualize the flow of air behind the plane, the vorticies, or “wake turbulence” which can be dangerous to other planes.  Here’s one example:






Atmospheric conditions can make clouds form in odd ways.  These unusual stratocumulus clouds called “cloud streets” formed over the Sea of Okhotsk, Northern Japan, on June 18th, 2007.

Here’s a satellite photo of the region showing these clouds:







More info here:



People try to make clouds produce more rain by “Seeding” them with tiny particles of things like sliver iodine.  This is done using incendiary devices attached to the aircraft.  Basically flares that are burnt one at a time.  Here’s what they look like in action.

Long shots of clouds seeding are hard to come by, because it happens inside or above the cloud.   If you see a long trail coming from behind a plane, then it’s not cloud seeding.  The trail is very thin, and probably not noticeable from the ground, even if you could see the plane.


Planes are often used in fighting fires, and typically drop fire retardant from a low altitude.  Often it’s bright red, but sometimes it’s just water pulled from a nearby lake.  This one is in Missoula, Montana.  Note it’s a fairly low altitude, probably 1000 feet or so.


When a plane takes off they are usually full of fuel.  At this point they are too heavy to safely land (it’s a lot easier on a plane to take off than to land).  If they have to cut their trip short, then they have to get rid of that excess weight.  They can just fly around for hours to burn it off, but some planes have a fuel dump system that lets them get rid of the excess fuel rapidly by just dumping it into the air.  This is often from vents at the end of the wing, but sometimes it’s mid-wing, or at the tail.

This is a Navy E-6B Mercury (TACAMO), dumping fuel from its mid-wing vents.

Here’s a rare set of shots from the ground of a jet dumping fuel

Note the difference between this and a contrail.  You can see it’s coming from the wingtips, and you can see the trails just kind of blur out as it spreads and evaporates, unlike contrails which have much more well-defined edges, even as they fade away.  See here for the full story behind this incident:


The aircraft, of of KLM’s B744 full passenger versions, registered PH-BFG, took off from SFO and somewhere around Sacramento the crew decided to turn back to SFO because the nosewheel wouldn’t retract.

See also:




And a cool video:




Gliders use water for ballast, and they sometimes let some out to reduce their descent rate, usually when landing.  It looks similar to fuel dumping.  Here’s a nice example:


Most rockets can produce a kind of contrail as the combustion of the fuel (especially if they are hydrogen+oxygen fueled) will produce a lot of water.  But for many rockets there is also a lot of visible smoke.  It’s not always visually clear what is smoke, and what is water. When they get very high up, the trail spreads out and is lit by the sun in unusual ways.  You see this a lot with the missile tests in California.  You could call this a contrail if you wanted, so long as you note it’s a rocket contrail, and so probably contains smoke.


Generally seen best from space, large ships can create a trail in the atmosphere above it that resembles a contrail.  These are off the coast of France.  They are generally more squiggly than contrails, as the ships move much slower, so the trail is at the mercy of the wind to a greater degree.


Military planes shoot out flares to confuse heat-seaking missiles.  These are very bright, and leave smoke trails.  Usually they shoot off in all different directions, like this:


Chaff is a substance that planes spray to confuse radar.  Generally it thin fibers, coated with aluminum.  I could not find ANY photos of chaff being sprayed, despite it being used since the 1940s.  This is probably because it just looks like fine dust.  It does not leave a trail (it would be rather pointless to defeat the radar, but then have a big line pointing to where you are).  It’s only visible to radar.


This photo I originally thought was chaff, as that was how it was labeled, but then someone pointed out it was actually smoke from the guns firing. Not chaff, but not a contrail either. There are a variety of reasons why smoke can be coming from an airplane.

Image result for CHEMTRAIL / CONTRAIL one has moisture one does not.

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