The US President went into meetings with Nato and G7 leaders to demand a better deal on global defence. He left having lost their respect

“F” their respect. For decades now every European nation thinks and received billions just for American presidents entering Europe.


Now Trump states its time for you to pay for our respect. And the whining fools decline. If you do not give thieves their desire they whine. Trump is not like other presidents. Oh please be America’s friend. Cut them loose in the waters of the sharks of Europe and see how fast they come back to the Arms of America.

A giant of an American political figure visiting Europe: charismatic and charming with a thorough grasp of international affairs, totally relaxed with the huge crowd around him. That was former President Barack Obama in Berlin on Thursday alongside Angela Merkel.

At the same time, 435 miles down the road in Brussels, was his successor in the White House, Donald Trump on his first Nato summit: surly, truculent, ill at ease and looking rather odd, with American diplomats around him looking somewhat embarrassed.

Mr Trump had been fawning to Arab Royalty in Riyadh as he sold $110bn in arms to Saudi Arabia and openly asked the Sheikhs of Kuwait and Qatar to buy more American weapons. He was still talking money in Brussels, demanding that the US’s democratic allies pay more for defense.

The American President was still talking money over relations with Germany. He was overheard saying “the Germans are bad, very bad”. How did this badness manifest itself? “Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US and we’ll put a stop to that,” said Mr Trump, railing about the trade imbalance between the two countries.

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