USA TODAY and USA WEEKLY Calls Donald Trumps Son Barron Trump Autistic

USA TODAY and USA WEEKLY Calls Donald Trumps Son Barron Trump Autistic



Donald Johnson How DARE a kid be tired at 3 in the morning, with the eyes of the world watching him.
Leonardo Pezzia But that’s ok since it’s Trump’s kid. However, if it was Obama’s or Hillary’s, you would have SJWs crying all over the internet.
Megan Kelly He’s 10. He’s uncomfortable. He doesn’t know how to tie a tie — his dad had to do it for him (there’s a picture out there somewhere). It’s late for him. He’s never probably been in front of a crowd that big. He’s in the 5th grade probably. What 5th grader understands the election and what’s going on at 3am? It’s probably the latest he’s ever stayed up. Give the kid a break internet, smh
John Showalter The more they do hypocritical shit like this, the more people hate them. They’re rapidly losing allies and sympathy, so I say keep it coming.
David Katzevich My friend went to school with Barron. Says he’s a perfectly normal kid. The media should collectively add cyanide to their tears and drink up
Anthony PrimeCan you imagine the national freak out that would have occurred had the Obama girls in 2008 been photographed/filmed while half asleep at 3 AM, only to then be ridiculed by the press? The deranged liberal media is cancerous and one of the many reasons why Trump was able to take on literally everyone and win. Keep making the same stupid decisions, media. You’ll lock us in for 2020.
Jen Shakti I distinctly remember watching him saying aww look at him he’s so tired. Everyone else’s kids were in bed but you’re gonna attack his child?
Brock Clendenin Let them cry, riot and cause turmoil. They’ll soon realize it’ll achieve nothing and the harsh reality of a glorious Trump presidency will come crashing down on their safe spaces, and no one will provide tissues.
Randy Griffin Unbelievable! They crucify Trump because the made up the story that he made fun a guy with a disability but they do this to a kid that was just tired from being up all night on the most memorable night of his life. So what if he was Autistic. Hypocrisy..
Phill Amick My wife, the nurse, mother and grandmother watched this and remarked “That poor little boy is up so late. He looks like he can barely stay awake.” The newsmedia: Autistic?
Burke Boydell This is all a ruse on Barron’s part. He’s making himself look forgettable so as to not draw attention to the fact that he’s the one who actually orchestrated this entire chain of events in the past year and is eventually going to become president himself. Barron is a grandmaster wizard in disguise.
Mona Duke That’s ok. The proof is on the pudding. Trumps kids are successful productive members of society, while one of the first daughters will probably continue twerking, showing her fanny and smoking weed.
Joran De Love i’m mildly autistic, and i’m the kinda person to joke about disabilities 24/7. i can take a joke. most of the people with autism that aren’t drooling bronies can.
this, however, fucking disgusts me.
Craig Lofton Probably because it was almost 3am and the kid was tired??? After that bitch Hillary refused to concede or even speak for hours after it was clear she lost.

Steven Andrew Lutz Alexander Pacillasperspective, we called Obamas daughter a stoner and got our assholes pushed in by the liberal left. But it’s totally okay for them to call his son autistic.🙃🔫
Lance Hopkins …seriously? I know it was probably long before I was born, but…US Weekly was once considered a REAL news source, right? Why in the blazing blue fuck would you publicly try to diagnose a child with a mental disorder based on a background television appearance?
Mitchell Falcon It was 3am, the kid probably hadnt slept well in a few days from all the campaign traveling. The media is disgusting, disrespectful, and subversive to public order and societal wellbeing. Leave the kid alone
Noelle Diehl And if he is autistic? How does that fit with their anti disabled narrative? Although I don’t think looking tired at 4am is that confusing. My 9 year did his best to stay up and see the end result but he racked out at midnight. They probably had to wake him up for this.
Susan Cullen Tom I can’t help but comment… The poor kid could hardly keep his eyes opened. He probably never gets to see his dad as trump has said it’s his wives place to raise the kids.. Now he drags his kid out in the wee hours of the morning – for what?!?!? But I don’t get whatever he does… Scary!!
Karen Kirk Oh come. A 10 year old eagerly interested in listing to this. I wasn’t at 10 we all mature differently. Maybee he needs a rest from thus stuff It’s a lot to go to all the functions It might not interest him. It may be stuff that’s been repeated too much
Karen Kirk There’s nothing wrong with the child. He might need to say mom I’m tired and wave for his sitter. There’s been a lot going on Id be sleepy too He is normal. They get sleepy. And he is trying to stand stong and tuff it up he is trying to be there where daddy trump wants him a obedient son. 7 hours sleep he will be digferent
Bruce Dewar Picking on kids. What does one expect from the cowardly media. They had better lookout as there will be serious splashback as The Don is a real man who supports his family.
Damian Willard They went after his mother too. This is shit they do all the fucking time whether you’re a celebrity like him or a nobody like you and me. They have no morals, no qualms, nothing. They’d kill your dog in front of you if they thought it’d hurt you
Donny Ryall After the shit I have seen posted in the last few days if I bumped into someone who told me they were a journalist I would have to have to consider if putting them in the traction unit was worth it or not.
Claude Claudet Keeping Like I said..get use to the critics. …this is why donalds thin skin scares people. ..and I do feel sorry for barron..he is just a little boy..dragged out if bed to listen to his fathers speech….I thought he was a good boy to do it..leave him alone. ..he did not ask for this
Tania Anne Hemsley So what if he is Autistic would that matter? No it doesn’t!!! Shame on you USA Today and US Weekly for making fun of an innocent child and autism! Get your heads out of your ass!
Zack Theriot As someone who actually is diagnosed, I can see all of these “symptoms ” are false. It’s not something the untrained eye could see.
David Listovitch Emily Bufanda Blake SpencerChristopher Riley My goodness he’s a 10 year old boy. It was like 3 in the morning give him a break. He was probably really tired.
Matthew Potenza Autism isn’t a bad thing.. so everyone just calm the fuck down. If you think autism is a bad thing you’re in serious need of an education. It comes in many forms and in some cases is barely noticeable. Let the liberals throw mud. They will only end up
Ryan Gardner Surprise, a 10 year old kid up at 3 in the morning having to wear a suit before millions of people looks like he doesn’t want to be there
Mico Boyd Remember that time conservatives accused Obama of being a foreign Muslim to the point that Trump demanded to see his Birth certificate? Not only are people here hypocrites but they’re turning into social justice warriors jumping at every little thing. “Oh no, the Media is making fun of Trump’s kids” A bunch of whiny bitches.
Matthew Conley The kid is 10 it was 3 o clock in the morning but who care what the media says they need to just be mocked ,ridiculed ,ignored the only respose they deserve is “so what”
Akshay Bhardwaj THIS is why they lost 2016. This is why they will lose 2020 2024 2028 2032 you get the drift. Liberal cancer is done with. Once the supreme court becomes conservative for the next 4-5 decades, voter ID and voter domicile laws are put in place, illegals are kicked out, and welfare goes away, the Democrats aren’t winning another election any time soon.
Matthew Bernsen He’s a kid on of the biggest platform the world will ever see, I’d probably be a little nervous or bored also! Fuck these goddamn cucks!
April Taylor Do some research…. There’s evidence out their that this sweet baby was injured by the same Vaccines that the Alt. right has been trying to warn people about for years. Now that Trump is President all that is about to change. All these little children
Anthony Ewers First off do they not realize that will make trump even more endearing to the populace, especially leftist fuckwads lol….secondly leave the tired kid alone.
Jennifer Nicholson Try saying anything about Sasha & Malia. Go ahead & try it!
Even when Malia was showing her butt twerking & smoking pot…
Still couldn’t say anything without SJWs jumping down your throat.
Laura Malagoli too bad the Barron has a knack for computers and it is by the way perfectly understandable for a 10yo kid to be sleepy at 3am.
the medias are desperate.
Eric Crane We should start taking their brick and mortar building apart one by one. What will they do when 10,000 pissed off people show up to raze the building? LOL they need to know we aren’t fucking around
Emanuel Cristian He probably browsed 4chan for too long and was either contaminated by the autism emanating from /r9gay/ or he is still trying to comprehend what he saw
Connor Broadhurst Didn’t they also accuse Putin of being autistic at one point to which he made a response confirming he wasn’t autistic in order to embarrass and shame them?
Joe Scanlon The media isn’t worth a cunt full of cold piss.That phrase is not copywrighted feel free to use it .Not worth a Cunt full of cold piss .
Michael Brown Barron is bored by the media. Like Pam Anderson, the collective media needs attention, and if they don’t get it, start hurling insults 👍

Jaime E. Zepeda Amazing. The Obama girls were not to be discussed by the media in a negative manner yet now this!

Wake up opponents of the truth.

Steven Deja Wow, how low can they go ? Trump won’t put up with this shit. Trump can take the crap thrown at him, he knows how to deal with. But attacking his young child, it’s gonna get ugly.
Steve Ofstein Wasn’t it like one in the fucking morning there? Even with a three-hour time difference I was barely awake by the time Trump came out to speak.
Michael Gunderson Reminds me of the time that they accused Putin of autism. In reality, leftists just call anyone they dislike autistic, after they’ve used the racism card.
Chad-Ruth Sexton He is a kid you people are the scum of the earth and buy the way where was Hillary in bed at least he was up there for his dad and there supporters

Brett Hicks It was in the fucking morning!? No shit the kid was sleepy, I WAS FUCKING SLEEPY!!!!

Fucking idiots

Willem MacDonald Dodds you know I think liberals are such trolls… they will troll and break someone down unfairly and if they destroy that persons sense of self esteem then they celebrate and think coz they fucked the person up they must be right, and actually celebrate so..
JG Brosius Reporting like this is only to incite. Stay calm.Karma can be a bitch. Someday something may happen to the douchebags who put out this crap and they will then wonder why.
James Bearden The MSM has been proven to be irrelevant, this will start a new age of journalism that won’t be built from hysteria and speculation.
Jeff Knipp Don’t you dare pick on Baron, if you don’t think this campaign hasn’t been hard on hjm you have no idea what he’s has endured.
Lydia Nikac Oh don’t you worry your little asses. Trump will take care of the media’s billshit too. They’re a disgrace, mocking a little boy who was exhausted and passing out.
Gregory Roland Konrad Judas It’s like 3am and the kid is in front of thousands of people, and millions of people are watching him. Let’s just start up the rumour mill and embarrass him too.
Juan Pablo Müller 3 in the fucking morning for a little kid. That’s the only fucking reason. What did you want, that they pump red bull up his ass?

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