What does the Secret Service think of Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s luxury jet up for sale

What does the Secret Service think of Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s luxury jet up for sale


I have a neighbor in the secret service who I’ve become pretty friendly with, and as it happens, I asked this same question a few months ago. He told me that in general, the agents really like getting assigned to his protection detail. He explained that it’s not because the agents particularly do or don’t like one candidate or another – part of the job is that they are committed to performing their duties regardless of who the individual is and what their personal opinion of the person might be.

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Instead, the reason he said agents are liking the assignment is the environment they find themselves in. As an example, he told me, they usually fly around in government owned planes. These planes were built by the lowest bidder and are equipped that way. There is little in the way of comfort or niceties. Trump, on the other hand, does not buy things like his personal jet based on who was the low bidder. Rather, he buys for his own preference, which means it is a whole lot more luxurious, with a lot more creature comforts, and a much more pleasant environment to spend time in. He also said that Trump treats the agents respectfully, and seems to genuinely want them to be well taken care of. Again, that’s obviously going to make the detail a much nicer one to work.

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As an aside, he did mention one item that usually has a big impact on how agents feel about who they’re protecting, which is punctuality. Apparently, the Clintons are notorious for running late and getting way off schedule, which can create a lot of challenges for the agents and increase stress levels substantially. He said that Obama is a world more timely than the Clintons ever were, and George H.W. Bush was so punctual you could set a watch to him. All of that said, he did repeatedly tell me that, no matter who it is, or how challenging the person may be to protect, the culture in the agency remains one that consistently reinforces the attitude that the job always gets done at the highest levels of quality, no matter what.

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