Who are the Fake Assholes and Trolls on Facebook and How to beat FB Censorship.

I keep all my important stuff hidden in secret groups with access from my friends so nothing gets lost.
It is FREE to make a group so make it secret post all your personal photos and videos add your friends you trust make them admin so if fb closes or steals your account you can still get in the group with a new account.
Free storage just be smart so you always have access to it some will know what I am talking about.
Also don’t post that stuff with YOUR NAME make a fb page then give your friends admin rights and then connect the group and page so you can post on that group as the page so if fb removes you your profile you do not lose the photos.
FB likes to delete your photos and videos when deleting you it’s called the digital game of stealing your information and property.
That’s right your profile with thousands of photos videos and every other thing you ever did is not FB property including your actions with your friends. behavioral patterns.
FB is full of such groups and CIA, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, the Military all police forces many different branches of the government the UN has its own cyber division and agenda so does every foreign government at many levels.
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And then there are the HACKERS and people who are generally fucked up as it comes to human beings and a whole class of simple minded people who get offended at everything and are generally afraid of anything outside of the box they have created for themselves.
This covers around I would guess 60% being a conservative number of so called fb members.
O did I forget to mention that many of the so called rich and powreful bull shit artists as I call them are fake profiles on fb that are actualy a muslim operation funded by Saudi Arabia cyber division.
You remember the photos of trump in the cyber security operation room.
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President Trump toured Saudi Arabia’s new Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology, which aims to combat militant ideology and messaging, on Sunday.

Prior to the president’s trip, the White House said it hoped to see tangible results from the kingdom’s efforts to eradicate terrorism.

Saudi officials plan to target messaging in addition to using military action “because we know these groups can only be defeated if we defeat their ideology,” Mohammed al-Issa, secretary-general of the Saudi-based Muslim World League, said, according to a Reuters report.

An unnamed host presented various details about the center’s main room to both the president and Saudi King Salman, reportedly describing the center as a dashboard that utilizes artificial intelligence data to track and monitor sentiments posted online, according to a pool report.

The center reportedly has a media monitoring system that can process as many as 100 television channels in 11 different languages.

The host also said 350 technicians willl work the main room, which is filled with rows of computers and with dozens of individual workstations.

So who is that FB friend do you really know them.