Why Donald trump is not your everyday POLITICAL FIGURE

You can’t run a multinational corporation, enjoy the respect, and love of your children, and your wife, and recruit to your administration, which by the way, you happen to be occupying, because you defeated 16 Republican primary opponents, and the heir-apparent to the Democratic administration, and then be called unbalanced.

He’s quite balanced! He’s achieving things no one else has achieved.

That doesn’t mean he’s usual, he can be extraordinary, and he can have a very different approach, but to call him crazy, would be well, craziness you know.

When I trained in medicine, part of my rotations were through surgery. Some of the best
surgeons had some quirks, right, an errant word, something yelled out in the OR.

You know you’d want doing your surgery?

Those very guys! They weren’t the polished ones, they were the geniuses man! And, we’ve got a genius in the Oval Office, and if we think he’s going to subscribe entirely to protocol and be flawless and polished, think again!

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